whoopi goldberg Whoopi Goldberg Attacks The New York Times for Snubbing Her Oscar Win

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Whoopi Goldberg was fired up because of a “disrespectful” article printed in the New York Times that lists several notable Academy Award winning black actors…expect her. She blasted the article and its writers for overlooking her accomplishment on Monday’s episode of The View (and even brought in her Oscar), saying “I’m embarrassed to tell you it hurt me terribly.”

But according to the NYT, Whoopi was a little rash to attack the article, which was primarily focused on winners from 2002 and on, but that didn’t stop Whoopi from speaking her mind about the overlook. See what she had to say about the snub in the NYT.

[pullquote quote=”This is not hidden information. And to these two critics, the head critics of The New York Times. It’s hard to not take it personally.” credit=”Whoopi Goldberg”]

Whoopi won her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in 1990’s Ghost, and has hosted the Oscars a total of four times, so why did the NYT overlook her accomplishment in their article listing notable black Oscar winners?

“When you win an Academy Award, that’s part of what you’ve done, your legacy. I will always be Academy Award winner Whoopi Goldberg,” she said. “This is not hidden information. And to these two critics, the head critics of The New York Times. It’s hard to not take it personally.”

But the forgotten mention wasn’t intentional, the NYT wrote the article focusing on the string of winners nine years ago, which included Jamie Foxx, Forest Whitaker, Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Hudson and Mo’Nique, after Denzel Washington and Halle Berry won their historic Oscars.

They wrote, “Real change seemed to have come to movies or at least the Academy, which had given statuettes to a total of seven black actors in the previous 73 years.” The NYT also left out the names of Louis Gossett, Jr. (1982) and Cuba Gooding, Jr. (1996).

The NYT has since released an explanation of the article saying, “The error lies with those who are reading the story incorrectly. The point of the piece was not to name every black actor or actress who has been awarded an Oscar, it was to draw a comparison between the number who won prior to 2002 (the year Halle Berry and Denzel Washington won) and those who have won since. And the story states very clearly that in 73 years, prior to 2002, only seven black actors/actresses won Oscars.”

So was Whoopi wrong to harshly accuse the NYT for leaving her name out of the list, or was she right to feel disrespected for the snub? Listen to her attack on The View below!

[Source: Pop Eater]

Comments (3)
  1. Vic says:

    Whoopi had every right to protest a poorly written article. For the NYT to try and turn it on the reader and not admit it was a poorly written and researched article is irresponsible on their part. Journalism and proper reporting is the job of the writer and the editor, not the reader.

  2. Ron says:

    If you have to explain your article then it was poorly written

  3. RainbowRay says:

    Congratulations to Whoopi for becoming a successful black actress and on having one an Oscar (I’ve seen a number of her movies and admire her work).

    It maybe hard to take “being snubbed” personally by a couple of NYT critics, but I’m thinking; is it really that terrible a thing? Can’tyou let it go. I can think of alot of other situations that are more tragic then that; an unfortunate, traumatic and tragic childhood and that could be let go (such as mine).

    Okay, so she’s pissed off at the NYT, but I would say let it go’ it’s not worth holding onto. Who gives a damn what they think anyway? I wouldn’t, Oscar or no Oscar. I would tell Whoopi to just forget about it and focus on the now and move on with hour career; not worth bitchin about it if you ask me.

    I have managed to FINALLY let go of my past and am now passionately pursuing my dreams of RainbowRay and Eric’s MIrror in order to achieve something in my life and to make upfor lost years and also to make a difference and enjoy life.

    Being criticized by two newspaper critics sounds so petty, but everyone is different; I don’t know much about Whoopi except for the fact that she is a great actress; she’s done alot to help others (charities and such) and some good movies,but please–LET IT GO!! NUff said.


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