Kamasami Kong Talks About The ‘Uncountable’ Number Of Aftershocks Experienced In Japan

kongface Kamasami Kong Talks About The Uncountable Number Of Aftershocks Experienced In Japan

Photo courtesy of Kamasami Kong

Years ago, Gary and his former radio partner, Kamasami Kong, worked together in the beautiful island city in Honolulu, Hawaii, but have since went their separate ways. Now living in Tokyo, Japan, Kamasami’s personal experience living through the disastrous earthquake have reconnected the two good friends, and he made a special call in this morning to touch base and to give us an inside look at the aftermath of the quake.

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Being outside of the epicenter of the disaster, Kamasami says there isn’t too much worry about radiation from the nuclear meltdown emergency, but is still experiencing an “uncountable” number of aftershocks in Tokyo, and even feels one while talking live with Gary!

He has a truly remarkable story and unbelievable first hand account of the catastrophe in Japan that he shares right here on the K-EARTH 101 Morning Show.

[pullquote quote=”We are right now having an aftershock, I can’t believe this…” credit=”Kamasami Kong on K-EARTH 101″]

Now working in radio in Toyko, Kamasami went through the destructive force of the earthquake in Japan that left so many homeless, injured or dead. Though being 200 kilometers outside of the Fukushima nuclear complex, he says officials aren’t raising too much concern or worry about effects of radiation for those living in Tokyo, but that doesn’t mean he’s not experiencing the aftermath of the quake.

Midway through the interview, Kamasami abruptly feels an aftershock saying, “We are right now having an aftershock, I can’t believe this. This is the weirdest part, the aftershocks, Gary.”

He says he’s felt an “uncountable” amount of aftershocks since the initial quake and says the major news networks reported that Japan has experienced close to 300-400 aftershocks so far.

Even though the country has gone through this natural disaster, the people haven’t been panicking and spikes of crime from looting haven’t been seen. Kamasami explains, “That’s one of the beautiful things about this country, you don’t really need to worry about that kind of crime, because we just don’t have it over here.”

Before the earthquake struck, officials say they sent out an 30 second advanced warning from the earthquake warning system, but Kamasami wasn’t even aware of a warning, and he’s located right in central Tokyo.

“You would expect if there’s gonna be a warning I would have heard it. I did not hear anything,” he informs. And when Gary asks how the people could have even received the early warning, he says,  “I have no idea, actually, you’re telling me this, right now is the first I even heard of the warning.”

Video of Japan’s early earthquake warning system on TV

Kamasami goes into much more detail about the nuclear emergency Japan is currently facing, plus gives an inside look at the current welfare of the people. He also discusses 80s pop star, Cyndi Lauper’s experience flying into Japan at the time of the disaster after talking to her on his podcast The Tokyo MetPod.

For up to minute details and information, you can visit Kamasami’s Facebook or podcast website for more exclusive interviews with the people who experienced the earthquake and tsunami first hand. Listen to his compelling full interview with Gary below.


One Comment

  1. janet schroeder says:

    thanks for having bob zix (kamisami kong) reporting on the earthquake. bob is my first cousin and by the way we are from ohio. bob lived in hamilton and i in cincinnati. however, he probably did reside in oregon prior to coming to hawaii.

    1. Michael McCartney says:

      Yes. Your cousin was in Oregon before setting up the best radio that Hawaii ever had a chance to experience. I don’t know remember how long but I had a friend on Maui back in the late seventies who used to know him in Oregon.

  2. Cathie Adams-Hughes says:

    Bob, Be safe over there. You are doing a great job of reporting. I am friends with your sister Sandy and the Aunt to MelanieZix-Schukman, who is married to my nephew Adam.
    Please be careful. Your family and extended family love You.
    Big hugs,

  3. RainbowRay says:

    Amazing footage from Japan. I’ve never actualy been in a quake or ever felt a tremor. Just have to pray for the people over there and hope that things get better soon.

    Now would be a good time for the media to cover some happy stories, but so far, no media in Toronto or L.A. have been interested in covering my story despite the few times I’ve tried; especially since I am getting closer to being in California.

    You think some happy stories would be welcome, but I guess they won’t believe it until it’s happened after I have made my way, right Nancy?

    Will be there soon because I think the world need’s happier stories then Japan, Libya, Bahrain, Egypt, etc. RainbowRay and Eric’sMIrror are happy stories, but no one is interested or believes me, which means I have something to prove because that’s how life, dreams and journeys are in my opinion (I’m experiencing it for real in my life).

    I will be glad when I get there, believe me because Iike I said, the world needs A RainbowRay and an Eric’s Mirror.


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