weight loss monday krth Power Foods To Help In Weight Loss

strawberries Power Foods To Help In Weight Loss

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Just because you’re looking to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself. There are plenty of great foods which you can eat on a daily basis which not only will aid in weight loss, but many of which also will keep you health. According to Men’s Health magazine, there are quite a few power foods, which work for both men and women, to help with weight loss.

1.  Almonds/Nuts:

  • Contain monounsaturated fats
  • High in protein
  • Help clear the heart’s arteries
  • Keeps you full longer
  • When purchasing, avoid nuts which have been smoked or are salted or contain sugar.  Stick to the all natural nuts/almonds.

2.  Beans/Legumes:

  • Beans such as chickpeas, soybeans, pinto beans, kidney beans, navy beans and lima beans.
  • They’re good for the heart.
  • Keeps you full longer so you’re not likely to get hungry as frequently.
  • Low in fat.
  • Contain large amounts of protein, fiber and iron.
  • Stay away from refried beans which contain great amounts of fat and baked beans which contain sugar.

3.  Green Vegetables:

  • Vegetables such as broccoli and spainach.
  • Spinach contains large amounts of Vitamins A & C.
  • Broccoli contains stomach filling fiber to keep you full.
  • Green vegetables contain the vitamin folate which is known to protect against heart disease, stroke and colon cancer in men.
  • Green vegetables are very versatile and can be prepared in many different ways.

4.  Dairy Products:

  • Dairy products such as fat free/low fat milk, cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt.
  • Dairy products are a great source of protein which is good for bones, especially for women.
  • Dairy contains calcium, which is known to help aid in weight loss.

5.  Instant Oatmeal:

Only purchase non-flavored and unsweetened oatmeal since the preflavored varieties contain a large amount of sugar.

Oatmeal contains soluable fiber which keeps you full longer by staying in your stomach longer.

Oatmeal is also known for helping to reduce cholesterol levels.

Studies have shown that oatmeal sustains blood sugar levels so you won’t become more hungry once digested.

6.  Eggs:

  • Eggs at one time were a “forbidden” food but not anymore.
  • Studies now show eating 1-2 eggs per day will not raise cholesterol levels.
  • Eggs contain a large amount of protein to help you stay full longer.
  • Eggs also contain B12, which helps to breakdown fat.

7.  Lean Meats:

  • Lean meats such as turkey breast, chicken breast, lean beefs such as rounds and loins.
  • Turkey breast is one of the leanest meats available and contains niacin and B6.
  • Dark poultry meat contains more fat but also contains good vitamins such as zinc & iron.
  • Beef contains the muscle building ingredient creatine.
  • Fish such as tuna and salmon contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which help the metabolism.

8.  Berries:

  • Berries such as strawberries, raspberries & blueberries.
  • Berries contain large amounts antioxidants.
  • Berries can be incorporated into a wide variety of foods and drinks, such as shakes.

9.  Olive oil:

  • Contains monounsaturated fat & vitamin E
  • Helps control Obesity, cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure
  • Olive oil contains a lot of calories & fat so a little goes a long way.

10.  Whole-grains:

  • These are grains which have not been stripped of their nutrients.
  • Found in cereals and breads.
  • Helps control obesity.
  • Always look for whole-wheat or whole-grain on the label.

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  1. RainbowRay says:

    Good to know! RainbowRay also likes to promote healthy eating in young kids!


  2. Jak zhubnout says:

    very nice and interesting article, your site is good

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