Betty White Has Some Harsh Words For The ‘Ungrateful’ Charlie Sheen And Lindsay Lohan

betty white Betty White Has Some Harsh Words For The Ungrateful Charlie Sheen And Lindsay Lohan

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

There is one person who doesn’t think Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan should have a job in this biz, and that’s 89-year-old Betty White. She may seem all sweet and innocent on the outside, but Golden Girl White isn’t afraid to give troubled actors a piece of her mind. White blasted the pair calling them “ungrateful actors who abuse their fame.”

Betty told the London Daily Mail that she cannot stand the people who get wonderful starts in show biz and who abuse it. She then cited Lindsay and Charlie saying these two are “so blessed and don’t appreciate it. They party too much don’t learn their lines, are unprofessional and they grumble about everything.”

Being a veteran actress herself, Betty White knows a thing or to about this biz…do you agree with what she said about Sheen and Lohan?


One Comment

  1. patti says:

    I totally agree with Betty

  2. Rich says:

    Betty hit it on the head

  3. Gloria says:


  4. eve says:

    if anyone has the right to criticize those two bafoons, its betty. she knows the truth and isn’t afraid to say it. they’re just SPOILED and seem to have completely forgotten how to tell the difference between right and wrong. F being normal…just do the right thing!

  5. RainbowRay says:

    I agree with Betty 100%!! In my opinion, “attitude and gratitude” is very important in terms of who your friends are, who you work with, your family obviously; just to name a few, but these are the essentials (or of course, who you choose to be your wife as well!)

    “Letting go and forgiving” are not in these two actors vocabulary. I had to forgive and let go my family (mother and father for the lack of love and poor upbrining; ie. neglect and of course life tragedies and traumas that accompanied all this).

    You know to this day, I still can’t remember my mother, father and even my brother saying “I LOVE YOU!”; not even once!!
    (to much tragedy and trauma I guess).

    However over the last 10.35 years, instead of bitching and complaining about “why me” (yes I have done that though; I am human after all, but that’s history!), I managed to tuirn my life around in every area and have 100% desire to make a difference and turn my life tragedies into something special and I believe I chose wisely in my dreaming with people I dream of working with on RainbowRay and Eric’s Mirror.

    Also, falling in love with my darling Fiona in Memphis would definately make up for all the misery and sorrow that life has given me.

    Betty says that the two of them are “so blessed and don’t appreciate it”. I concur 100% because without family, genuine friends and doing something you enjoy doing in life (work wise), what is there? NOTHING!! (“nada” in Spanish, “rien” in French, and “nakad” in Latvian).

    Everyone should count their blessings I think and the more I fall more deeply in love and going the motions and experiences of it, the more I appreciate being alive despite how hard it is (god is it hard) to make my way to L.A. (I have alot of faith, hope and love to keep me going. I like to use the term, “FHL” , not the NHL, not the NFL, not the CFL or the AHL–American HockeyLeague, but rather FHL –Faith, Hope and Love to carry me through this period in my life; better late then never right).

    In this case, “betty late then never, right? Thank you Sue Ann Nivens and Rose Nyland for that brilliant insight; my grandmother turns 88 next month. I think I’ll e-mail her!

    Just a little food for thought; some people should grow up!


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