Warner Brothers Shoots Down Rumors Of Charlie Returning To Two And A Half Men

charlie sheen Warner Brothers Shoots Down Rumors Of Charlie Returning To Two And A Half Men

Photo: Riccardo S. Savi/Getty Images

Yesterday, we told you that Charlie Sheen has been in discussions to return to the set of Two And A Half Men, well now Warner Brothers has fired back with a statement that those rumors are not true! The studio insists no matter what Charlie has said, there have been zero discussions and will be no discussions about bringing Charlie back to the show.

After Warner Brothers released their statement, Charlie’s attorney sent a statement to the studio calling them out saying “there has been discussions as late as Tuesday and all parties have been involved” including Warner, CBS, Chuck Lorre and Charlie.

His attorney also claims that Charlie has been approached by a third-party to resolve the situation, but wouldn’t say who. So who do you think is telling the truth in this he said/they said battle?


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  1. RainbowRay says:

    “What we have here is a failure to communicate!” as the popular movie quote goes. Rumors again I suppose? He said/they said, when does it all end?

    By the way guys, have you ever played a game called “He Said/She Said”? The title of it reminds me of what’s going on with Charlie and the CBS producers, but it’s a game I made up myself (a romantic kind of game where a couple have a chance to get to know each other’s likes and dislikes).

    I did play it once with Fiona a while ago, but we have yet to go over the results of the game. We were in a shopping mall and I gave her a list oe things in different categories that she would think I would like based on what we knew about each other. I took the same list and did the same with her.

    We both spent about half an hour roaming the mall, checking off items from different categories, trying to figure out what we thought each other would like. It was fun and I mean to share the results with her, but somehow I guess with all the excitement that’s been going on, I forgot, but I plan to do it again sometime with her.

    We both enjoyed the game and the mall is not the only place where you can play it (in terms of getting to know each other). You can play this game practically anywhere so long as yo adjust to the setting accordingly. We both had fun and I think I still have the results somewhere; I just can’t remember off hand right now what they were or where they are???? LOVE!! Go figure!

    Good game to play when getting to know someone!


  2. RainbowRay says:

    ONe more thing, I’ve been reading about Charlie Sheen and his recent “escapade” to Toronto. Apparently he hasn’t been the hilight of his shows, a Canadian Comedian named Peter Russel has apparently been stealing the show somehow.

    His shows in Toronto have been getting “very mixed reviews” and some reports have said that scalpers have been having problems selling tickets to this whos (getting $50 for $160 seats apparently). Most of the people have “hated his show ” in Toronto, but at least he got a hotel??

    Also I read that yesterday he lead a group in downtown Toronto on a march through the streets for “Bi-Polar awareness”, asking people to make a mininum donation of $1 U.S (that’s $1.04 Canadian–HA HA! IT’s our turn now with the dollar!) to a Canadian based Bi-Polar organization.

    Like I said before, I’ve known people in my life who have been bi-Polar or manic or who have suffered from numerous mental health disorders (I myself have recovered from social and general anxiety disorders as a result of my childhood and upbringing and have been through the mental health system).

    People may say I’m wrong, but I don’t think so (they have the right to say what they want), but I believe Mr. Sheen is suffering some sort of bi-polar illness and like alcoholism which is another illness in itself, some people don’t want to or are afraid to admit it (Nancy Mckeon played this so well in The Division as an alcoholic female San Francisco detective; Jinny Exstead could never own up to her problem).

    That’s my opinion, but many others will disagree with me which is fine, but just respect that opinion.


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