Charlie Sheen Going To Court To Get Custody Of Twins From Brooke Mueller

charlie sheen2 Charlie Sheen Going To Court To Get Custody Of Twins From Brooke Mueller

Photo: MJ Kim/Getty Images

After learning that his ex-wife Brooke Mueller was entering rehab this week, Charlie Sheen immediately moved in to gain sole custody of their twins, Bob and Max. Charlie is going to court today to change the custody agreement between he and Brooke to not only get custody of the children, but to cut off child support he’s paying to Brooke.

Charlie is asking the judge to change the agreement to give him full custody of his twins and also to terminate the $55,000 month in child support he gives her.

He’s also taking it one step further and is asking permission to take his twins on his comedy ‘Torpedo’ tour across the country. All of this because Mueller was seen in video at a pawn shop trying to pawn a stereo and a man’s watch in order to buy drugs. After the video surfaced, Mueller was asked to take a drug test, but refused, even though it’s part of her custody agreement to submit to random drug tests.

The story takes an even weirder turn when Sheen’s ex-ex-wife, Denise Richards, offered to take informal custody of the twins and take care of them until things stabilized.

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One Comment

  1. RainbowRay says:

    I feel sorry for their kids as well because young or not, it will have an effect on them in one form or another over time if they don’t get the dispute settled quicky; children need “stability” int their lives (I was one of those children who unfortunately due to life tragedies, did not have that stability). They should all get off their “asses” and get the issue resolved ASAP. You call that WINNING??

    On a lighter and more positive note, the memtion of the “pawnshop” brings back memories of an old 50’s tune that my dad used to listen to called, “On a Pawnshop ON a Corner, In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania). Anyone remember or heard of it?

    Here’s a sample of my version (I’m just making this up now so I won’t do it all)>

    “In a pawnshop on a corner in L.A. California, there’s a woman
    Who’s pawning for drugs (so they say-y-y!)
    In a pawnshop on a corner in L.A. California,
    Many lives are being screwed up that way

    Because Mueller was seen in a video some time
    Pawning a stereo and amn’s watch fro drugs
    There’s a custoy battle going on for some children
    And to here this makes me want to buy ear plugs

    On A Pawnshop on a corner in L.A. Calfornia
    A saga continues without end (without en-n-nd!)
    On A pawnshop on a corner in L.A. California
    I wish it were over my friends!
    I wish it were over my frinends!

    This one’s for you dad! MIss you!!


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