tight strings tuesday Five Ingenious Ways Vodka Can Save You Money Around The House (Not By Drinking!)

vodka Five Ingenious Ways Vodka Can Save You Money Around The House (Not By Drinking!)

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Sure vodka is great in cocktails and a perfect nightcap on a stressful day at work, but did you know it can clean you clothes or strip that hard to clean mold on the bathroom walls? The popular clear liquor has a few other unfamiliar multi-uses that can save you big bucks on everyday household items!

Next time you’re shopping for cleaning supplies, pick up a bottle of cheap vodka for use on these everyday tasks instead of buying different products for each use!

1. Cleaning your clothes: Vodka works on both odors and stubborn stains on clothing. After spot testing a dab on the material, spray a mist of vodka on you clothes to help keep them fresh in between loads of laundry and kills any odors. It also works on stains, just put a dab on before throwing it in the washer!


2. Cleans up mold: Instead of buying pricey bathroom cleaners to clean the shower walls, just spray some cheaper end vodka and let it soak into building mold. The alcohol kills the mold and makes it quick and easy to wipe up!


3. Prevents wilting flowers: Get an extended life out of your fresh-cut flowers by adding a few drops of vodka into the water. According to Scientific American, the alcohol helps inhibit ethylene production, which is what causes plants to mature.


4. Insect repellent: Summer is just around the corner and camping season will soon be in effect. Keep your skin pest free by mixing vodka with apple cider vinegar and drops of citronella or eucalyptus essential oil. Spray the mixture on yourself or any areas around your home or campsite to keep the bugs from crawling in.


5. Polish: Vodka works well for shining up smudged up eye-glasses, just put a dab on a cloth and clean wipe away the dirt and smudges! Mix it with water and you have an alternative window cleaner to Windex!

[Source: Yahoo!]

  1. RainbowRay says:

    If “vodka: can clean mold off of bathroom walls and even clean your clothes, imagine what it can do to your stomach lining!!


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