lindsay lohan stephen dunn1 Lindsay Lohan Giving Her First Interview Since Jail Sentence On The Tonight Show

Photo: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan has given her first interview since being sentenced to 120 days behind bars. Now one would think Barbara Walters or Oprah would have scored the interview, but no, it was Tonight Show host Jay Leno who got the first exclusive interview with the troubled starlet.

According to Lindsay, Jay scored the interview because he has been so good to her and her family over the years, and that she is grateful for the way he has always treated her.

She still seems to have fans on her side too, with the audience giving he a standing ovation to show their support.

Comments (3)
  1. David Rojas says:

    A standing ovation…how pathetic

  2. RainbowRay says:

    All I can say is that the audience were just trying to give her some support after all she’s been through and done (make her feel better), but still my motto is, “Can’t do the crime, don’t do the time” and I don’t give a damn how famous someone is.

    After all I’ve been through in my life, not once did I do those things she’s done, nor done drugs or joined any gangs (althouh there were good reasons too; I just didn’t! The family sitaution was just plain suffering).

    When the opportunity presented itself to turn my life around (after mom’s death 10 and half years ago, I took advantage of it).

    Personally, it’s nice to have support from fans who believe in you even though you’ve done stupid things in your life, don’t you think? Some may think so, other’s may not; it’s all a matter of opinion I guess and how you look at things.


  3. RainbowRay says:

    By the way: HI NANCY!

    ????? (Where is RainbowRay Fiona?)

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