Pink For Girls and Blue For Boys

colored bears Pink For Girls and Blue For Boys

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We see it the most with newborns, but traditionally, the color pink has been associated with girls and blue has been associated with boys. Now there’s some new research that may explain why.trans Pink For Girls and Blue For Boys

It might be easy to just blame it on society – That culture and tradition have assigned these colors to the genders, but for decades researchers noticed that girls actually gravitated to pink, and boys to blue.

A group of scientists at Zhejiang University in China have a theory about why this might be. They posit that it goes back to the days of hunting/gathering. Girls gravitate to pink and purple because the BERRIES that our ancestors gathered were that color. And boys like blue because a blue sky meant good conditions to hunt in.

Thanks, science!


One Comment

  1. GREG MURAKAMI says:

    As a mental Health Counselor for the Army, I recall this very same discussion comiing up in class. The child will become fixated on colours for boys and girls. I say try to keep it genderless so the child does not become stigmatized!

  2. RainbowRay says:

    Interesting facts! I never knew that! Guess you learn something new everyday! SO much for the children’s song, “Here We Go Gathering Pink and Purple Berries in May” (Nuts)!

    Sufficiently Achieving

  3. Christian Wheel says:

    Yet here I am still trying to figure out why I’m fascinated with fluorescent green.

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