Lolita - "Sailor" (Kapp Records, 1960)

An improbable hit-maker, Lolita Ditta scored a Number 5 hit in the US in 1960, with a song performed entirely in German.

Performing under just her first name, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lolita[/lastfm] was an Austrian-born children’s nurse who singing career never went further than the local church choir. In a sort of Sound of Music storyline, Ditta’s chance performance on local radio won her offers to appear on TV and make records.

“Sailor,” which was picked up in the US by Kapp Records in 1960, was the result of her efforts and, despite being sung entirely in German, the melody shone through and won Lolita a spot in the Billboard Top 5.

However, like some others who scored hits in the US in foreign languages ([lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Kyu Sakamoto[/lastfm], for example), Lolita’s success was short-lived. “Sailor” was her lone Top 40 record.

Gone but not forgotten, hear more tales of one-hit wonders.

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  1. RainbowRay says:

    Boy, I haven’t heard that song since probably my childhood. My mother used to play alot fo “German music” (her name was Lolita as well) and this is the first time I’ve heard this song in years and years (I’m playing it tiwice because it’s coming back and special to listen too)

    I’m waiting for you Fiona when this damn journey ends (seems like it’s never going to end!)), but I hve “love to keep me warm” and that’s for you sweetheart no matter how long this journey takes. How about listening to this a third time? LOVE TOO!!

    This one’s for you Fiona, thinking about you and us together soon in Memphis fior the rest of ours lives. ONE MORE TIME!

    Fiona, meina toira, ich lieber dich (I love you very much, my love in German, but I sure is hell don’t know how to speak or spell German). Those words are for you Fiona, so think of me and I dream of us being together soon–MISS YOU DARLING!!
    XXXOOOO Je t’aime! (French), Es loti Milu (Latvian).

    A grat memory from childhood! Thanks K-EARTH101


  2. RainbowRay says:

    I would like to dedicate that song to my mother, Lolita who after listening to this song now six times do remember he playing on her record player many times as a shild! This one’s for you! Small world isn’t it?


  3. Russ says:

    WOW!! what a flashback! i have this song on the old 45RPM. i also have a 33rpm albulm of LOLITA sings in german!!

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