Poll: Is Mom’s Decision To Inject 8-Year-Old Daughter With Botox Right Or Completely Wacko?

botox Poll: Is Moms Decision To Inject 8 Year Old Daughter With Botox Right Or Completely Wacko?

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You may have heard about the controversy a San Francisco  pageant mom started after defending her actions to inject her aspiring beauty pageant daughter with Botox because…the 8-year-old girl felt she had wrinkles on her face. We’re no experts, but we’re pretty sure she has at least three more decades before those pesky lines start appearing on her face, but Kerry Campbell made the decision to use Botox on her daughter Britney to give her the edge in pageants.

Despite the controversy her actions have raise, Kerry stands by her decision saying other pageant moms influenced her to use the cosmetic enhancement to help her daughter’s chances in the increasingly out of control and cutthroat child pageants (have you ever watch Toddlers and Tiaras? scary). We want to know, was the mom right to use Botox on her daughter to help her compete in pageants or is this practice completely ridiculous?

There are many unsettling flags in this story…mom injecting Botox into her daughter’s face herself; acquiring the medication from a “trusted source;” child beauty pageants…that would make any parent cringe. Kerry and her daughter Britney recently appeared on Good Morning America with Laura Spencer to talk about the treatment, where Kerry defended her actions after her daughter came to her complaining of wrinkles on her face.

Kerry also admits her daughter has been undergoing leg waxing as well, again to boost her looks to compete in pageants, after all, they say beauty is pain. When asked by Spencer about going to extremes for beauty, Kerry responded, “We talked about it. She didn’t exactly ask me about it but I know that she was complaining about her face having wrinkles and things like that,” to which Spencer said, “My son will come home and tell me he wants every Xbox game that existed…that doesn’t mean you get it for them.”

You can watch the full interview with the family on GMA below, and let us know what you think!

So what do you think…was the mom right to use Botox on her child to help her chances in advancing in beauty pageants, or is this completely ridiculous?

Do you consider her actions as child abuse? Let us know if you think she should be punished.

[Source: Huffington Post]


One Comment

  1. Dana says:

    Is this Not child abuse? ….

  2. Alfreda says:

    She should be arrested for child abuse.

  3. Candido says:

    This lady is insane! Shame on her……

  4. Lupe says:

    this Mother needs to get a grip. not only is she causing physical pain, but she is also inflicting emotional pain. This child will be one of those screwed up kids that will need therapy the rest of her life. the mom should be arrested for child abuse. I guess if the other pagent moms are doing then its okay? next thing you know she will be getting her daughter implants! to boost her ego! ha
    Not only should the mom be arrested for child abuse but for purchasing illegal drugs! I am so glad I was a 70’s kid!

  5. Lupe Ybarra Garcia says:


    1. Laurie A. says:


  6. Laurie A. says:

    This mom should be arrested for child abuse.It is apparent to me that she couldn’t possibly love her daughter if she would inflict this kind of physical and emotional pain on Britney. Furthermore,the mom has no self esteem and is living vicariously through her own child. The operative word her is that Britney is just a child who trusts her mom.She should run,skip jump and have fun at 8 years old.
    I totally blame the officials from The Pageants who also set no industry standards for what is acceptable practice for Beauty pageants.
    Even in the dog show world,there are standards.dogs cannot be altered or cosmetically enhanced.The dogs are judged are the naturalness of their dogone selves.
    Now we’re talking about a little kid who is being primped in a most unnatural way. Children do nothave wrinkles.I hope Britney will not be scarred for life emotionally .
    Didn’t anyone learn from the Jon Benet Ramsey death.The movie Little Miss Sunshine also made a strong statement about how children need to be just children .
    Beauty is only skin deep.
    I believe this mom needs to go to jail and look at herself in the mirror.
    I am horrified by this situation. I may not be the perfect parent but I am comfortable how I raised my Sweet 16 .She is just a normal bubbly giggily and confident girl.
    My wish is that Britney Campbell can have her life back soon and become a confident child without all of the extrinics such as botox ,leg wax. Britney should just blossom in life her naturally. Beauty is in the eye of the bee holder.

  7. Dianna says:

    These pageants should modify their contest and base the winners on the “Natural” beauty of these children. No make-up, no airbrushing, etc.. It’s these pageants that allow and encourage this nonsense.

  8. Pat says:

    So, if “all the other moms” are slashing their wrists, would she do that too? This is absolutely child abuse! My daughter did pageants when she was about that age (8) and NO ONE waxed their legs or did any Botox – it was exciting because the kids got to wear makeup (ONLY for pageants)!

  9. Bonnie says:

    Does the doctor providing the Botox know that the Mom is injecting the child. I think if he does, he should lose his license to practice medicine.

  10. Cheryl Short says:

    This mother is sick!!!!!

  11. Cecilia Veltre says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes she should be punished! She is obsessed at the expense of a child for a pagent. Another Jon Bonet Ramsey? Very sad indeed

  12. Laura says:

    This is absolutely wrong!! Children grow up fast enough as it is. Let her be a kid for goodness sakes!! Pageants should be based on natural beauty, not by who has the most money to “Upgrade” their child. This poor child is going to be a mess when she grows up.

  13. RainbowRay says:

    I havea few things to say about the above story:

    Abiout theese Pageants:

    1. People complain about the “competitiveness” and how “vicious” some of these pageants can be and from what I’ve radd and heard about them, they are and do no HELP to the parent or child’s wellbeing whatsoever in my opinion.

    Againm, it starts at homw (that’s MY OPINON) and iif the parents are so damn competitive and usshy to get their children to win in something insignificant as a beauty pageant (beauty is definately in the eye of the beholder because she is the one gave birth to that child; what more do you need to show how much you love someone–a beauty competition??)

    RainbowRay says “Be resolved and get involved”. This holds true for both parents and children. Parents should be involded in their childrens livea and children should be involved in “extracurricular” activities that will be of benefit to them socially, physically, mentally and even spiritually (depending on what you believe).

    Sports, organized games (by parents or community), volunteering in the community, the school chioir/play, hjoining a club or hobby group and I can list many more activities for children to get involved with, but NOT a Beauty Contest because in alot (not everybody) of people, it brings out the worst in them and I see that in this lady who has to “hide her source” as to where she got her Botox from.

    To this lady and her so called “obsession” for beauty pagents all I can say is “Get a real life for you and your child!” because there is more out ther then just Beauty Pagents.

    Competition should be FUN and not “pressure filled” for both arent and child because as a parent you are the role model and if you’re to cometitive and put your own interests first then it rubs off on the child, am I right?

    When they make a children’s beauty pageant that’s”rally fun and not to competitive” and all parents and children are TRULY enjoying it, let me know; I’d love to hear about it because I haven’t heard of any.

    Maybe this girl wants to grow up and actually participate in an adult beauty pageant like Miss America or Miss Universe, Miss World, etc.

    In adult pageants, the contestants are (hopefully) mature and know already the lessons in life about sportsmanship and fair lay, but my motto of “let kids be kids” still stands ieven if they hate their wrinkles (it’s what’s on the inside that counts; the inner beauty) and I think this mother has trouble understanding thaat and does believe in positive parenting (maybe she’susing her own methods she was exposded to from her parents growing up, who knows?). God knows I wouldn’t the one’s I received because there wasn’t any real style or love to begin with.

    About The MOther using Botox:

    !. What next, baby botox or something of that nature? (let’s get rid of the baby fat early and not wait for it to disappear). I’m curious as to why she doesn’t reveal her source, but I think the idea of leg waxing (even the daughter thinks so) can wait as well as botoxing.

    2. I agaree with the doctor who is concerned for the daughter’s self-esteem and psycological effects in the long run (so am I), but hey FREE WILl right in terms of arenting and peole make their own choices and live from the consequences from those choices.

    I hope her daughter is fairing well lets say 20 years from now (she aears to be happy now and probably is active in activities with other children), but forget the botox, leg wax and let children be children is my motto What is the urry in them growing up? They grow up to fast anyway, don’t they?

    ????? (Do you agree Fiona?)

  14. MJ fan says:

    The little girl is too young, Stop this now, arrest this MOM.

    Chatty Cat

  15. Janet O. says:

    These parents that enter their children in pageants are just to lazy to get out and work. They are putting their kids to work instead. There is big money in beauty pageants…

  16. Barbara says:

    When did children stop being allowed to be children? Stop the insanity of pageants for children. These parents lose all touch with reality and reason!

  17. Eleanor Hemminger says:

    This woman should be investigated for child endangerment. Let that little girl be 8 years old. I think that all pagents should be for adults only not children. Children need to be children

  18. Ron Austin says:

    This Mother should get therapy not jail. The girl will grow up with a completely screwed up body image! The body changes as you age and adolescents have enough problems with the changing body without trying to mold it into something that nature never intended.

  19. fran says:

    Throw her ass in jail. She needs to get a life!!! If she wants to be a beauty queen then she enter pageant world herself. Don’t take a innocents child life away. All kids pageants should be STOP !!! THIS IS CHILD ABUSE !!!!!!

  20. Janet says:

    What is wrong with people??? Have we become so shallow that we now give Botox to children???? The 8 year old has wrinkles??? Really??? Pageant parents get so obsessed with their children winning that they forget they are CHILDREN!!!…not little dress-up dolls…. Nice childhood this little girl will remember….

  21. Tommy says:

    Girl should be disqualified for unnatural substances like steroids. Teach mom a lesson for cheating.

  22. jose raya says:

    just look at the mother so what can you expect from her she is a loooooser

  23. Darlene says:

    If these children wish to be in a pageant then there should be rules to stop this. There should be nothing false such as teeth and hair. No makeup what so ever. The children should just be themselves and not made up to be something they are not!!!!! No little girl should have makeup on and dressed as if they are about to go out and walk the streets with the rest of the hookers.

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