Movie Critic Roger Ebert Deleted From Facebook After ‘Jackass’ Rant

97472690 Movie Critic Roger Ebert Deleted From Facebook After Jackass Rant

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

After a controversial tweet about the death of Jackass star Ryan Dunn, Roger Ebert, movie critic and Twitter celebrity, found his Facebook page removed for violating Facebook’s “terms of conditions.”

His post read: Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive.”

[Source: Washington Post]

Facebook said, “The page was was removed in error. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Dunn had reportedly been drinking prior to the crash, though the police have only cited speed as the cause in the accident. While Dunn’s friends responded angrily over Ebert’s comments, others took to Ebert’s Facebook page to criticize the critic. “I don’t care who you think you are but don’t make fun of someone’s sudden/tragic death!” was one of the more publishable comments on his page.

Then, the Facebook page disappeared all together.

Ebert wrote on Twitter, “Facebook! My page is harmless and an asset to you. Why did you remove it in response to anonymous jerks? Makes you look bad.”

Facebook reinstated the page a little less than an hour later.

So now we ask…..


One Comment

  1. Robert says:

    Concering Ryan Dunn’s death & Roger Ebert.

    I work at an elementary school and suddenly kept hearing “R.I.P. Ryan Dunn” and did not even k now who he was! Then when I found out, I WAS NOT surprised!! After watching the news and everyone saying “well i was not surprised” “he was so awesome!” “well, he lived THAT lifestyle, what do you expect?” I was even less surprised!
    THIS is who people look up to!!! and hes going to be irrresponsible by drinking and driving AND putting it on the net that he is doing so! its no wonder we have kids doing the same! It will be a shame when really good kids start dying because they are immitating a TRUE JACKASS!!
    And Roger Ebert did not go too far by saying what he said! Facebook went too far by deleting his account!!!

  2. Rachel Rachel says:

    Dunn may well have laughed at Ebert’s comment. One must remember that those grieving may be hurt by another’s comment. Once said, a comment cannot be “unsaid.”

  3. Mat says:

    What do these jackass wannabees want to happen? That we celebrate someone who needlessly died in honor of his self destructive lifestyle?? That it is okay for friends to allow someone to die in a car crash because it is too uncool to tell them they are too messed up to drive?
    No one gets seriously hurt in the show “Jackass” because somebody is responsible (or smart enuf) to know when things go too far. I guess that was totally missing in Ryan Dunn’s real life.

  4. Larkin says:

    People were offended that someone pointed out that Dunn shouldn’t have been driving? That his friends shouldn’t have let him get in the car??? That’s just plain ridiculous.

    The “jackass” portion of the comment is just in reference to the show, and people are stupid if they get offended by such an obvious reference. Especially if they are people who enjoy Jackass, which is all about pushing the envelope with “inappropriate” behavior.

    Also, they released a report today that shows Dunn’s blood alcohol content was 0.196% (legal limit is .08%), so he was most definitely too intoxicated to be behind the wheel.

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