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*Update: Casey Anthony’s release date will be on July 13th, according to a court spokesperson.

This morning we heard Judge Belvin Perry sentence Anthony to one year in jail for each of the four counts of lying to the police, which will be served consecutively. Judge Perry and defense attorney Jose Baez are taking time out to figure out the exact time she has to serve, and it’s likely Anthony could be walking free by the end of summer for already having served 1,000 days in court.

It won’t be long now before Casey Anthony will be giving someone that exclusive interview about her murder trial, and here’s what we’re asking.

In addition to her jail time, Anthony will also have to pay a $1,000 fine for each count of lying to the police. Perry also ruled that the court will calculate the cost of the investigation for Caylee Anthony’s disappearance into the amount Casey will have to pay. Anthony and her defense team have 30 days to appeal the judge’s ruling.

So now we’re asking, would you watch an interview with her that she gets paid to do?

Comments (8)
  1. John Boyle says:

    BOYCOTT any Books, Movies,Interviews CASEY ANTHONY does to make a profit off the killing of her daughter CAYLEE !

  2. MJ fan says:

    Who cares if she profits, she got off. I wish the Judge had ordered that she be sterilized, so that she can never have another child.

    No justice for Caylee, No justice for Caylee

  3. RainbowRay says:

    Why should she profit over her killing her baby? I’m sure not profting much from trying to make my wayt o do great things the honest way? After 10.5 years nothing to show for it but a tired back, living in a homeless shelter, promises of dreams coming true and not. Help coming, but not seeing anything slightly resembling it and she she should make money off what she did? What the hell is that? JUstice and the American way?? something’s wrong with that logic I think or am I wrong!!!


  4. Marie says:

    The verdict by those brain dead jurors made me sick and has caused me to become disgusted in our legal system. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE people boycott any company that does business with the Anthonys especially Casey. That monster doesn’t deserve to profit from murdering that beautiful little angel. RIP LITTLE CAYLEE

  5. dene says:

    Casey will Never give up the spot light. And No I will never watch anything or buy anything she or the disgusting jurors sell or do… It is all Blood Money from any of them.. Casey not only murdered her baby, the first thing she did was torture her Hitler style.

  6. posey says:

    Boycott anything to do with the jurors or Casey Anthony… Oh my God…. Casey was not only a murderer she was a sadistic torturer of a 2/yr/old baby,, HER VERY OWN flesh and blood. My God what horrors and heinous crimes await…Hitler would have loved her… I WILL NEVER FEEL any pity or sympathy for those D____ JURORS .. NEVER!!!! They never had any for Caylee…. It sure makes me think they will try to get their blood money just like Casey

  7. JB says:

    The woman sickens me, I would not support,watch or buy anything to do with her. It is not the death of Caylee I hold against her because there is doubt there. For me it was the descrating of her child, it was the lack of caring she demostrated afterwards. The lies and people lives she has completely destoryed. An her total denial for accountibilty on her part. She doesn’t care about anything or anybody but the riches she will gain from her actions. She wants to tell her story? Tell it without your hand being out for money.

  8. jean says:

    I will not even listen to any station that has anything to say about her. As far as as the fame goes it’s all the stations do is repeat,repeat and repeat, other wise she would just be another killer that got off. Let her do what she seemed to do best, laid on her back.

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