In case you missed it….. over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony ended their marriage after 7 years!  Now rumors of a new post-marriage romance for Jennifer Lopez are already emerging.

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She is speculated to be getting close with her “I’m Into You” music video co-star William Levy – who also recently ended his marriage with Mexican actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez.

Check it out!

Here he is!!

102923190 See The Guy That Stole Jennifer Lopez Away From Marc Anthony!

Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

After splitting with Levy, Miss Gutiérrez released a statement reading: “I was always firmly by William’s side, despite the persistent rumors…I had no reason to doubt the strength of our union. I confess that this decision hasn’t been easy but I owe respect to myself as a person, woman and mother.”

J-Lo and Anthony released a statement Friday that said: “This was a very difficult decision. It is a painful time for all involved. And we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time.”

Now check out the music video!!

Hear more in Lisa’s Entertainment Report:

Comments (28)
  1. Liz Ramirez says:

    He’s not Mexican!! He’s CUBAN

  2. Liz Ramirez says:

    He’s not Mexican!! He’s CUBAN!!!

    1. Brandon Castillo // Morning Show Producer says:

      Yes… he’s Cuban… . but his soon to be ex-wife is Mexican… read the story again! Thanks! B

  3. Derek says:

    There is an interview online with this guy and he is as DUMB AS A POST. You should hear his insipid responses.

    Jennifer Lopez while acting very nice on camera is really not that nice and is as phony as a three dollar bill so they sound like a perfect match.

  4. Kim Hurtado says:

    Pretty Tasty!!!!! Go J-Lo

  5. VIRGINIA says:

    I personally don’t care what he is!! He’s H*O*T & that’s the kinda guy J.Lo should be with!!! I’d leave Mark Anthony for him to. =)

  6. Terri says:

    This guy isn’t all that. He’s just a average looking guy. I’m 50 years old and I have seen better looking. Yes, older women would drool over this young buck. Not his young lady. I need to send you a pic of my sweet candy hubby and let you weep….LOL

  7. Janet O. says:


  8. arleen says:

    Dammmmnn!!!! This guy is fine!!! Go J-LO!

  9. Ray Martinez says:

    2 adults just thinking about them selves and have no worries about their kids thats just another reminder of how bad our world is lost without faith ,love and hope just another couple in our worldly tradition ! The kids will suffer the most ! thanks mom and dad love your twins!

    1. Bernadette says:

      So true! Nobody thinks about the kids while they’re going around having affairs, when they should be spending time with their kids. Marc Anthony left his wife and kids for J Lo and now he’s getting his payback! So now their twins will be bouncing from house to house! Too much!

  10. Linda D says:

    Jo Lo needs a man that she can boss around and have the last word in all their conversations….and I think he might be it.

  11. Shana says:

    He’s hot but for goodness sake he isn’t the only hot guy in town. Does he have any substance? You would think JLo would have sown her wild oats by now

  12. ANONOMOUS says:

    He’s okay I wld not throw him out of bed, but yes finally JLO has come to her senses! Too bad she did not have the twins with him.


    1. dlr says:

      What a shallow and awfull thing to say….

  13. Don Norris says:

    Why do we have marriage?
    The inference here – J-Lo & the Cuban are both adulterers. So much for the sacred vows of matrimony! Divorce should be next to impossible to obtain – this would make marriage more meaningful… or obsolete.

  14. Louanna says:

    He looks gay……just sayin’….

  15. mm says:

    I think Marc Anthony is better looking!

  16. Mary says:

    Wo-oh here she comes…watch out boys she’ll chew you up…she’s a Man-Eater

  17. dlr says:

    He’s a user looking for the older rich woman and Jlo can’t handle strong me..seems she looks for the guys she can have full control and he does look gay. BOTH NEED TO GROW UP

  18. Derek says:

    All the comments on here about his looks just show how shallow most people are these days. No one mentions the fact that this woman has a long history of dumping guys and she has a baby now that will be another product of divorce because J-Los brains are all in her crotch.

    People like her should just stay single. The comments above just show the mentality of the general public. Pretty pathetic basing on who she should be with based on looks alone.

    1. alma says:

      Hi….I agree with you. She doesn’t only have a history of dumping guys but is also a home wrecker. She’s going down in history as the other woman. Didn’t she come between Marc Anthony and his wife?? And she just did it again. I have nothing but disrespect for this woman. She is a selfish individual who only thinks about her needs and forgets about the children that are going to be affected.

  19. Tricia owen says:

    He may be pretty on the outside but any one that splits up a marriage can’t be all that pretty on the inside where it really matters, looks go but a good heart is forever.

  20. Leslie says:

    He’s OK. I’m one of the older gal’s Gary mentioned this AM that he thought would like Levy. But, he’s gonna lose his hair early…. his smile is crooked – trustworthy? … and why is he hiding behind that scruffy hair? or maybe I should say what is he hiding. However, he does have great eyelashes! Love you guys.

  21. Yolie says:

    Mmmmmm??? He looks alittle bit like? Ben Affleck? Yea? I think so. He can pass for his younger brother…… Maybe there’s still something that she still likes about Ben…? Or maybe she’ll start looking for younger men who resemble her ex lovers, or what ever they were to her? (her boy toys 🙂 ) That’s ok if a man can want/or have a trophy Barbie doll on his arm so can an older woman. I’m sure she still has what it takes to put a smile on any man’s face. I just feel very sorry for Miss Gutierrez. I’m sure she is a beautyful woman, and she will find some one that is really deserving of her.

  22. christine aka nena says:

    what rong whit jlo ya the guy is cute but got dame she did not iearn her lesson yet that hole

  23. t. says:

    She is one of the BIGGEST sluts ever!!!!

  24. Whatever! and then there will be someone else soon.

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