One of comedy’s royalty, Roseanne Barr, joined the K-EARTH 101 Morning Show with Gary Bryan this morning to talk about her brand new show, Roseanne’s Nuts on the Lifetime channel. But this isn’t a show following the wild and crazy antics you’d expect from Roseanne, but rather a look inside her natural ‘ hippie’ way of living on her 50 acre macadamia nut farm in Hawaii, well and maybe a sprinkle of her hilarious hijinks living the island lifestyle with her crazy hippie friend, Greg.

[pullquote quote=”I say, kiss my ass, Christina Aguilera!” ” credit=”Roseanne Barr “]

Roseanne is living the ‘rad’ lifestyle and has taken on a whole new movement of green living and farming on her land in her new home on the island. She’s even become one of the locals there and was recently invited to a girls’ softball game in Hilo, Hawaii, where she had the chance to redeem herself after her infamous San Francisco National Anthem controversy. She did so well in fact, that she called out pop sensation [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Christina Aguilera[/lastfm]!

Roseanne Barr has ditched the city life for a more natural way living in her 50 acre macadamia farm on her new show Roseanne’s Nuts, that not only features the comedienne tending her farm and animals, but her immersing herself in the island culture and living the way of the Hawaiians.

It’s just a really cool way of living and more natural,” Roseanne tells Gary. “Everybody over there is kind of a hippie freak and they’re doing windmill stuff, all green stuff, solar — I like it.

She’s lives on the farm with her musician boyfriend, Johnny Argent, son Jake and 16 goats, sheep and chickens, which she’s often seen having full on conversations with.

I figured out if you replicate their sound they will answer you back,” she said.

[pullquote quote=”Greg’s taking me surfing with four half-naked, gorgeous Hawaiian guys…I live the life, dude, serious.” credit=”Roseanne Barr”]

The reason behind her taking on the tranquility of farm life over urban living is so she can fend for herself in hard times and encourage others to try the same thing. She tells Gary, “if you can’t farm, then at least try to grow some tomatoes or something to feed yourself in your own house.”

She continues, “Things look bleak and scary for so many people, and I just wanted to be part of a whole new thing where people take more responsibility for themselves and the food they eat.”

Plus, the serene island life is giving her a chance to experience all the ‘rad’ adventurous things the locals are accustomed to in Hawaii. Her hippie friend Greg, who lives in a tent on her farm, helped her pick up surfing at the age of 58, saying “he’s taking me surfing with four half-naked, gorgeous Hawaiian guys…I live the life, dude, serious.”

Her life doesn’t sound half bad in Hawaii, even the locals are giving her a warm welcome on the island. Just recently, Roseanne was invited to a girls’ softball game in Hilo, where she had the chance to sing the National Anthem and redeem herself for disastrous, off-key rendition in 1990.

Gary tells Roseanne “it’s not the worst” National Anthem he’s heard at a ball game, in which she responds in her typical brash demeanor:

“Well thank you. I say ‘kiss my ass, Christina Aguilera!’…I was so relieved I almost fainted. I just wanted to show my grand kids that you can correct a mistake or at least you can get better.”

You can hear a snippet Roseanne’s rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” and much more on her new show Roseanne’s Nuts during her interview this morning and see what she’s talking about on Twitter!

Listen to the full interview with Roseanne Barr on the K-EARTH 101 Morning Show with Gary Bryan:

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  1. Hi roseanne im 10 and me and my mom are HUGE FANS promise you, my mom would be so so so happy if she ever saw you, its my dream to see you [ not kidding ] hope you get this message

    Love,Your biggest fans EVER

  2. LuAnn Glass says:


  3. Hi my name is Roxanne I live in los Banos.calf I wood like to say I to need my weed I like to eta it in cookes. or smok it.But I not know what to do if they stop the weed stores. no I need it

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