Comedian Jerry Lewis’ Son Chris Lewis Phones In To Talk About His Famous Dad

Earlier this morning we got a call from Comedian Jerry Lewis’ son Chris to talk about how his dad is doing after getting let go from the MDA Labor Day Telethon!

How’s he doing? Listen to the interview!

[pullquote quote=”He does not want people to not give or to not watch the show just because he’s not there, he wants them to do what he’s been asking them to do for all these years.” credit=”Chris Lewis on his dad “]

Chris saw his dad a few days ago after the news broke he wouldn’t be part of this year’s MDA Telethon saying, “he was looking pretty good.” But the news hit Jerry pretty hard when he found out he wouldn’t be appearing on the telethon at all for his final year.

“Well he’s not happy about it of course,” said Chris. “I mean, he’s spent 60 years creating awareness about how people should jump on the bandwagon to help people with muscular dystrophy, and that’s what he does. That’s his life.”

Jerry has even gotten his family involved in the annual telethon over the years including Chris, who’s been volunteering with the MDA Telethon for the past 39 years. His most favorite memories being meeting John Lennon and Yoko Ono on his first ever telethon in 1972 and seeing Frank Sinatra bring on Dean Martin to reunite with Jerry.

Despite sore feelings about the situation, Chris says his dad doesn’t want viewers to boycott this year’s telethon, but rather continue giving just like every other year.

“As long as people continue to give to MDA so it helps the kids and the families that he’s been working for 60 years, that’s what he wants,” said Chris. “He does not want people to not give or to not watch the show just because he’s not there, he wants them to do what he’s been asking them to do for all these years.”

Though the Lewis family isn’t sure what will come out of this year’s telethon, Chris assures that “something good will come out of it,” adding that “MD is an extremely well run org, and they’ve got 200 clinics around the country that help people everyday. It’s really important work.”

Listen to the full interview with Chris below and sign our petition to get Jerry Lewis back on the telethon this year!


One Comment

  1. Jerry Lewis is the face of MDA – think ‘Jerry’s Kids’ I hope MDA wises up and does what it needs to bring Jerry back. I won’t watch the telethon without him. He started the telethon back in the 60’s. I understand that it may need to be shortened, economy is in a slump, but cutting it to 6 hrs and getting rid of Jerry is suicide. Wake up MDA and give us the host we like to every year!

  2. RainbowRay says:

    Was glad to have signed the petition; I also hope they bring him back again this year.


  3. Cindy says:

    It is very hard to read your terrific articles when half the type disappears into the palm trees. Can’t you please white the background behind the type?

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