Poll: Should Restaurants Impose A Dining Time Limit?

Everyone’s had an experience waiting for what seems like an eternity for a table to open at a restaurant while you’re sitting in hunger, but nobody gets up to leave. In a new survey, annoyed diners have had enough with uncourteous table hoggers and think it’s time for a ‘dining time limit’ during peak restaurant hours to help move along the wait.

It doesn’t sound like a bad idea in theory, especially if you’re on the waiting end, but would you enjoy being ushered out of your seat when you paid to dine in? Let us know, do you think a dining time limit should be imposed to decrease the wait time, or should diners be allowed to spend as much time as they want?

A new nationwide Zagat survey found that 60% of diners are fed up with the long waits for tables in busy restaurants are think it’s time to imposed a limit on how long customers can eat in.

Having a time limit in restaurants would cut down the long waits for tables and eliminate lingering customers that hold a table for hours.

But some say that imposing a time limit would make you feel rushed and goes against the whole experience of dining out. Let us know how you feel, would you be in favor of having a time limit in restaurants to cut down the wait, or should diners have all the time you want to eat?

Vote below!

[Source: CBS]


One Comment

  1. RainbowRay says:

    I gues that’s what “reservations” are for and maybe restaurants should consider that as a better option if it really is becoming that much of a problem. People knowing that they would have to make reservations if they “REALLY” wanted to dine there would do so, else they would look for another place to dine witout reservations. True, some restaurants woud suffer because of this, but then again, how big of a problem is it really?

    I enjoy the dining experience myself and would never want to feel rushed, but at peak hours, maybe this would be a good idea. In Canada, coffee shops and fast food places have signs saying “20 minute time limit for seating”, but the policy is NEVER enforced; the people wasted their money on signs and never enforce the policy.

    Again, how big of a problem is i really?


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