Post Your Memories About Where You Were When You Found Out About The 9/11 Attacks

remembering 9 11 post image Post Your Memories About Where You Were When You Found Out About The 9/11 Attacks

This morning we’re asking our wonderful K-EARTH 101 audience “Where were you when you found out about the terrorist attacks on 9/11”.

The calls are coming in like crazy, so we’re giving you a chance to post your memories right here on our web site!

Listen to listener’s calls below:

Post your memory of 9/11 in the comment section below!


Here’s an example from one listener Bonnie B.:

I can’t call in because my Director is in today but I just wanted to tell you where I was when 9/11 happened.

I work at California State University Fullerton, and was a Custodian at the time. I was coming out of an office I had been cleaning and one of the ladies that worked in another office came into the lobby and told me that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. We went into the Financial Aid office that had a TV in their lobby and turned on the set in time to see the second plane hit. All of the financial officers that had been in the back of the complex came streaming out and we were standing there watching when I realized that there was tapping on the glass windows behind us. The entire lobby of the office is glass and every inch of those glass windows were filled with people’s faces, trying to see the television. We went and unlocked the door and they all started crowding in. There must have been over 100 of us crammed into this lobby watching in horror of everything that was going on. Some were on their phones and most of us were crying, either silently, or some were just sobbing uncontrollably. I will never forget that morning.

I have seen the assassination of John Kennedy, of Bobby Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, and much more. Now this. I am 60 years old in one month and I would wish that our next generations can be spared of tragedies like these.


One Comment

  1. Mary says:

    Driving down Pacific Coast Highway going to LAX. The radio was just starting to fade out around Mugu Rock when we heard a little something. Still went all the way to LAX. Very strange seeing an abandoned airport. Like the movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”.

  2. Nancy Johns says:

    I work at LAX and I was just getting on the tram that morning when someone said a plane had gone into the towers. Of course, we all thought it was a small plane. I work for AA and it was a horrific unfolding of events. We lost coworkers, we lost passengers and our lives will never be the same after that day. There was a true loss of innosense at that moment. In the days that followed – the silence at the airport was eerie – when all the planes had been grounded. Seeing LAX so still is one of those weird memories – you could talk and it echo since the terminal was so empty. It does not feel like 10 years ago. It will be a sad and heartfelt rememberence on Sunday.

  3. Julia says:

    I was working swingshift at the time & I was a Security Officer at a corporation in South OC. I woke up to the radio saying that all the airports were close. I immediately turned on the TV in my room & they were showing the second plane going into the south tower. I went & woke up my roomate telling her I think we are being attacked. She got up & came into my room to look at the TV. We both just stood there stunned. I called work & asked them if they needed me to come in early & they said yes. It was so weird driving past John Wayne Airport & seeing all the planes parked on both runways. Going home past the airport ton my way home that night hey had big lighted X’s on both runways. It was so sureal.

  4. Cheryl says:

    I woke up to my Mom waking my little sister up for school and her saying something about planes hitting the twin towers in New York and the pentagon. With that I got up turned on the TV and just watched in honor with what was happening it seemed like a movie instead of reality. I remember seeing the second plane hit the tower and I was just shocked. I just sat there all morning just watching the news in shocked and disbelief. It was a horrible day and for the next few weeks. I remember nothing but news on both the radio and the TV for days and finally one night I remember listening to a local radio station and they were playing music, which was a great thing to hear. They played a song by my favorite group with that song everything that had happen on 9/11 seem to float away for those 3 minutes of the song it was a nice break from all of the terror.

  5. Norma Weinstein says:

    I was getting ready for work that morning. I was listening to Robert W Morgan on KRTH and remember Joannie Caryl talking about the plane flying into the building.

    1. Charlie Tuna says:

      Norma, It must have been Jim Carson. My friend, Robert W., had passed 3 years before that, in 1998.

  6. Ray Gibb says:

    9 Sept 2001 was one of those days that no matter where you were that place will stay with you for the rest of your life. I was living in Las Vegas, and my nephew (almost 3 years old) awakened me to go watch TV, at 3:30 in the morning after attempting to get him to go back to bed, I gave in and figured that he would fall asleep as soon as we turned on the TV and layed down on the couch. But when the TV came on, it was not cartoons, but rather it was an early morning news show. Actually it was (I think) ABC, the two anchors up on the roof, slowly the camara-man moved off the anchors and began to follow an airliner that was turning towards the Towers. He kept it on the plane as it flew into the first Tower.

    All of a sudden the thought of going back to sleep completely left me and I sat glued to what was playing over and over, as if the first ten times weren’t enough.

    Another event happened later that day as I was working as a manager at a 7-11 on a very busy intersection. Around 2:00 in the afternoon all of a sudden we started to hear cars honking, more and more so thinking that maybe there was an accident; what we saw however truly drove home how the B*#^%* had not torn the country apart as was their obvious goal but rather how strongly united we became. On the street corner was about 15 or 20 high school students with signs, banners, flags etc. the signs and banners said things like, “Honk if you are proud to be an American, Honk if you love this great country, etc. Within an hour, there were over 250 kids on all four corners, and then as it started to get dark they began to light candles. One of the things that made this so amazing was there were alot of rival street gangs present and they were socializing and bearing there banners and signs as if they were brothers and sisters.

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