Dr. Phil Interviews Casey Anthony’s Parents

Tomorrow, Dr. Phil will air the first part of a three-part interview he did with George and Cindy Anthony, Casey’s Anthony’s parents. We have some details of that interview starting with where and when the interview was conducted. It was shot almost a month ago at Jay Mgraw’s house under a shroud of secrecy.

It was there that Casey’s mom Cindy began her barrage of excuses for Casey. Her mother attributes a list of excuses including postpartum hormones, schizophrenia, and Grand Mal seizures which disable your memory for up to 31 days which his how long it took Casey to report Caylee was missing.


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  1. Hilde says:

    Error: Casey never did report her Daughter Caylee missing, as we all know it was Cindy Anthony who finally did.
    Very convenient whatever Excuses the Anthony’s come up with for her Daughter Casey.
    According to Cindy and George it took 31 Days for Casey A. to remember she had some kind of Illness, I guess You can pick which one in Order to excuse what she did to Caylee and therefore cost Caylee’s Life.
    I guess Casey’s Memory Loss is the Reason she can’t remember triple bagging her little Girls dead Body and dumping her in the Swamp around the Corner from the Anthony’s Home.
    How convenient and they actually believe the Majority of People will buy their BS!
    I never watched Dr. Phil and I am certainly not starting now.
    Let the Anthony’s keep on spewing those Lies,
    I for one have no use for them and any one who helped covering up this Crime against an innocent Child with their Lies.
    It is all about a BIG Paycheck for the Anthony’s without having actually to work.
    Dr. Phil is all about Ratings, couldn’t care less about his Audience or the innocent Victim in this Case, Caylee Marie Anthony!
    Shame on him and All the People for who the Money is more important than
    Justice for an innocent murdered Child for who no one was made responsible.
    The One and Only One responsible for Caylee’s Death was sent free to live her Life as she chooses.
    Caylee’s Right to grow up and live her Life was taken away by her own Mother!
    Justice in this sad Case looked the other Way but Karma wont! JMO

    1. offthecuff says:

      Yes, let the Anthonys dream up some answers.

      The question is….will the Doc call them out on them? and show how ridiculous they are? and support the truth?

  2. Edward Osler says:



  3. JanCorey says:

    The only people that are upset with Casey are people that have not a clue about the U.S. criminal justice system, and they were convinced she would be found guilty and subject to the death penalty, which when they look at the reality of this case, they are angry at being found to be wrong for years about the entire case that Casey was not proven guilty of anything more than a few lies and that angers those people. It is their failures in their own lives that they tend to displace onto Casey and that angers them.

  4. RainbowRay says:

    Well, whatever the outcome of the interviews, Casey has to live with all that “unwanted publicity” and “shame” for the rest of her life regardless of whether she was “lying or not” which is a damn shame, but after having remember reading that story, I think she has to take at least “some responsibility” for her actions even if it wasn’t her fault and if she was lying, then this will definately haunt her the rest of her life, don’t you think?

    I’m not going to stay tuned to Dr. Phil though to find out, no thanks!


  5. John says:

    Get a job you ignorant little boy.

  6. JanCorey says:

    No one had to report Caylee missing because Caylee was never missing. For those that disagree simply confirms that they just do not have the ability to understand what happened in the trial. And their anger now if more about their personal failures in being duped for over three years thinking Casey will be found guilty and put to death than it is about how great a mother Casey was to Caylee before Caylee drown.

  7. ashley says:

    Let me tell you from experience a grand mal seizure does not cause memory loss..that is funny I have had these types of seizures as has my 3 year old. and he remembered everything that happened right before his seizures took place! What an excuse!!

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