In one of the most high-profile court cases of the year where 25-year-old Casey Anthony was acquitted of charges for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, the world was left stunned with the verdict and many questions to be asked for those involved in the case.

Securing the exclusive first interview with Casey Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy, was TV talk show host Dr. Phil, who sat down for a three-part interview with her parents to discuss the trial and to get them to tell the truth as they saw it. Dr. Phil joined the K-EARTH 101 Morning show live this morning to speak out about his exclusive interview with the Anthony’s, and why today’s final episode is the most compelling of the three.

[pullquote quote=”What I wanted to do was get them to tell the truth as they saw it…” credit=”Dr. Phil “]

Dr. Phil is known for letting his guests tell their side of the story without passing judgments or putting blame on either side, which was his exact way of going about his exclusive first interview with Casey Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy, just after the trial ended in July.

I didn’t want to spin this interview one way or the other. What I wanted to do was get them to tell the truth as they saw it for the first time and then let people wake their own minds about what they thought, Dr. Phil explains.

Monday’s third and final episode is the “most compelling” according to Dr. Phil, because they discuss details of the trial itself saying:

I wanted to know what went through George’s mind and heart when he sat there and heard them say that he molested his daughter, that he coerced her to burying that baby in the woods…and I wanted to know what he thought and what she thought when they those heard those ‘none guilty’ verdicts read in trial.

Dr. Phil speaks to both George and Cindy in the final episode airing today at 7 p.m. on KCAL9, and also talks to Cindy one on one to hear her side of the story.

She is desperately, desperately reaching for some explanation that makes this an involuntary response on the part of her daughter. She is really trying to find some way that this is okay and I think that is infuriating for the viewers. Our message boards have just been blowing up about Cindy’s unwillingness to just look at the facts. 

Listen to our interview with Dr. Phil and hear more details about his interview with George and Cindy Anthony and tune in to the final episode of his three-part interview with George and Cindy Anthony tonight at 7.

Comments (2)
  1. RainbowRay says:

    Forgiving somebody who obviously ISN’T SORRY for what they did and has no intention EVER of being so is futile if you ask me, don’t you? (especialy if al the evidence is there).

    That controversy will go on for months, maybe even years; I guess let conscience be her guide for the rest of her life.

    Should be an ineresting interview!


  2. jacqueline brake says:

    I have to commend George Anthony for opening up and sharing with us what he felt about everything that happened, about Caylee. I watched this whole trial from day one, and i can honestly say that George had nothing to do with any of it. Also, i feel that if Casey lied about everything, don’t you think she lied about George and the molestation charges. She couldn’t blame the Nanny any longer, so she had to find SOMEONE ELSE TO BLAME, so she picked her own father. Cindy, on the other hand, still defends Casey. Casey will never learn anything from this whole situation, until Cindy stops defending her. Casey may have been a good mother in the beginning, but she wasn’t in the end…Cindy needs to face that fact. Casey blamed her father, to get herself out of trouble. Casey lost her family, her friends, and basically …her freedom, to come and go as she pleases. THIS is her punishment.

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