The new season of Two and A Half Men kicked off last night with new star Ashton Kutcher!

Tell us what you think!

Did you like the show?

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  1. Mary says:

    They have switched roles, Alan has taken over Charlie’s character and Ashton is now playing the role of Alan.

  2. First of all, Jon Cryer (Alan) MAKES this show and always has. In the spirt of the original I Love Lucy shows, where Desi Arnaz was actually the funny-man foil to Lucy’s over-the-top antics, later ILL shows showed that her character was “too” much without the perfect “straight” man partner.

    We like ALL the characters on 21/2 Men and always have, and for the most part tolerated Charlie Sheen as a necessary, sarcastic, narcissistic, disgusting, evil on the show. After eight seasons we were sick of him. With Conchata Ferrell (Berta), Holland Tayor (Evelyn Harper), and the “Judith” character to take the place of the “Sheen” acid tongue, there’s plenty of negative, but funny, energy coming at Alan from all sides.

    Now we aren’t Ashton Kutcher fans either by any means, but after last night we might well become fans. What fun to watch Alan be foiled over and over by a “nice” (and somewhat pathetic) guy, hysterical! A 10 out of 10! And the parade of the guest stars didn’t hurt, either. I hope the writers find a way to keep that part up!

    Overall we loved it and we hope they expand the other characters more now, too. What a refreshing change to a stale, stupid, mindless, Sheen-ranting show that 21/2 Men was becoming!

  3. Linda Merle says:

    If someone is going to run around naked on a show I would hope that they would have a MUCH better body.

  4. beyda says:

    it sucked!…no one can play Charlie’s role except CHARLIE….i didnt care for it!

  5. Casey De La O' says:

    Kutcher didn’t bring anything to the table..he just doesn’t have what it takes to carry the show..and please clean him up, the scruffy look just made him seem more immature.

    He wasn’t funny at all..he will never replace Charlie Harper, it was so painful to watch …I loved the rest of the cast they were priceless..especially Charlie’s Mom , Berta & Alan were also very funny maybe Loarre(spell?) should just have the cast carry on without Charlie and kill off Kutcher..:-(

  6. deanna says:

    WAS GREAT! I will actually start watching it again…the whole girl thing got real old real fast but never been a sheen fan any who.

    1. Toni Stowe says:

      Wasn’t a big fan of him either….Charlie, I mean.

  7. RainbowRay says:

    What if you don’t have any thumbs? What then?


  8. I watched, just to see how bad it would be. I didnt know it would be THAT bad. FIrst, the funeral was old Charlie lines about women spitting on his corpse. Then they resorted to the cameo by someone I didnt recognize and then by Dharma and Greg. Dharma and Greg united was probably the highlight of the show! Then Ashton shows up, and has to get naked? Why not just do a good job of acting?…Nevermind, I just answered my own question. Then Ashton just reprises his That 70’s Show character, with an IQ of 80, except now he’s not so cute. Atleast I know what a razor is!…And then the premise is not only is someone that stupid suppose to be able to become a billionaire, we’re suppose to believe a billionaire would feel the urge to live in Charlie’s house? Oh, and I forgot, Rose supposedly married Charlie, then pushed him off a subway platform, I’m guessing not in…so then Charlie’s house would be hers, not Alan’s….hello, If you know anything about California, you’d know the wife would get the house!

    Here’s a thought….I liked Jake when he was little, he was nieve, as most kids his age in the 50s, so to some extent I could relate to part of his character, but now that he’s growing up, he’s no longer cute. I loved Berta and Rose, almost as much as Charlie, so here’s my twist….Charlie leaves the house to Berta and Rose. One of Berta’s granddaughters comes to live with them…I’m guessing while her daughter is in prison…and we rename the show Two And A Half Women!

    The new show with Ashton? No thanks…I’ll stick to reruns with Charlie on FX and my local channel KTLA…

  9. Toni Stowe says:

    Love the new show….Think it’s going to be a big hit….How can you possibly go wrong with Ashton Kutcher?????? Love him……

  10. Steve G says:

    Episode itself was ok. However, the show was based on Charlie Sheen’s character. This cannot be replaced. Very similar to suzanne somers being replaced on three’s company. Show will last, but won’t be as funny. Not sure what type of chemistry to expect. Ratings will level off and the show will fade.

  11. Dee Mitchell says:

    First off, I always thought it was the writers that made that show……nope it was Charlie Sheen. Ashton…..really? what were they thinking? Yes, I laughed while watching certain parts of the show, at the rest of the original cast that are brillant in their own right, but mark my word, this show will bomb now unless the writers do something fast. They have an awesome cast (minus Ashton) and they have a chance to turn this around or else they should just shut the whole thing down.

  12. Derek says:

    Vulgar unfunny tripe. Ashton Kutcher is about as charasmatic as a box of rocks. He looks like a tall skinny homeless man on Sunset Blvd begging for a smoke and loose change.

    Cryer is great and so is Conchata Farrell and the actress that played Sheen’s mother but the rest BLEH!

    This show will tank after the novelty wears off.

  13. joe says:

    I think CBS did exactly the right thing by dumping Sheen. His role was becoming predictable and the show was just short of stupid. Now, Ashton has added a new dimension to show and he isn’t a media hog. Emphasis is put on the other members of the cast and allows them to take a more active role in the show, making it more interesting. The weekly saga of Sheen getting laid was just stale, and frankly, i always thought his acting was a 4 on a scale of one to ten. I think the new show is great.

  14. Guerard Putnam says:

    Charlie Sheen made 21/2 Men the success it was. Without him the program won’t last a full season.

    I’d bring back Charlie, and the show would start with Charlie walking into the house shocking everyone. Wanting to know what happend to him, and all saying we thought you were dear, Charlie says that’s what I wanted you all to think. I had to find time to enjoy myself before coming back. And, I’m glad I did, as look what kind of a mess you all have gotten into.

    Then 21/2 Men will blow the record charts off the wall.

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