Sly Stone Update: He’s Upgraded To A Bigger Home!

We took another trip back to the Crenshaw neighborhood where singer Sly Stone is living in his camper!  As we rounded the corner we noticed that Sly has upgraded to bigger digs!

Check it out!

He’s now living in this “RV” he just purchased last week.

sly stone rv Sly Stone Update: Hes Upgraded To A Bigger Home!

Photo By Brandon Castillo

We attempted to interview Sly once again and we were not successful. However, stay tuned because we are putting something together to help out Sly!


One Comment

  1. RainbowRay says:

    I guess Sly would appreciate any help you are giving him and SO WOULD I. I have NO help coming to me even though BELIEVE help is coming and I haven’t seen Fiona in 15 months although I have been showing her much I love her via YOUTUBE. Nobody believes me when I say these are the dreams I want to have although I still BELIEVE there are those out there (right Nancy?) who want to help–so please help like you are doing Sly. If he has any brains like he’s got talent, he WOULD TAKE it. I know I would APPRECIATE any help because I know you guys want to help me and I still believe Nancy wants to help. Been believing that for six years since I started writing to her (to be a part of something special that would be RainbowRay and Eric’s Mirror; so far nothing, but I still BELIEVE that help is coming even though I have been living in a shelter system for 11 months and not having seen Fiona for 15 months. I miss her terribly and don’t know where she is). I still dream of kissing her in Memphis, proposing to her in Toronto and living with her in California with a family.


    As wirtten to my darling “Fee-Fi”
    Fiona Shirley from her pookypants and studmuffin

    Gimme an A
    Gimme a P
    Gimme another P
    Gimme an R
    Gimme an E
    Gimme a C
    Gimme an I
    Gimme an A
    Gimme a T
    Gimme another I
    Gimme an O
    Gimme an N!

    Waht does that spell?

    “Please Help! It’s part of “APPRECIATION”

    I wouldn’t want to end up teaching ESL in Japan (the thought of this idea wants to make me puke when I realize how much I am in love with Fiona and miss her so much, but I WILL do it if were not together by Christmas. I’m tired of shelters and am tired of being alone without FIona. I want people to be a part of these dreams (Would you like to win an Emmy Nancy?0, but I do need help ASAP and in my heart I DO BELIEVE that help is coming because these dreams are to good to go without being realized or used and being participated with genuine people who know how to “help and to love” and to “show it” and of course, be part of something special. I mean, is that to much to ask?

    I still believe HELP IS COMING and hold onto thtat hope

    “Still Believing
    “Still Successfully Silly”
    “Still Optimistically Obtaining”

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