The other day Beyonce was on the TV show “Sunday Night HD” and when she sat down in a chair, her pregnant belly made movements that they don’t usually make!

Now there’s a rumor going around that she really isn’t pregnant and that she wearing a fake pregnancy belly.

See for yourself!

Take a look around the 55 second mark to see what looks like padding get squashed as Beyonce sits down in the chair. Do you think she’s wearing a fake pregnancy belly?!

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  1. RainbowRay says:

    I believe she’s pregant. Congrats Beyonce!


  2. naomibaby says:

    i adore beyonce i fink shes amazing but she has no bump at all in her new vid and i certainly couldnt dance like tha wen i was 6-7 mnths preg

  3. katina says:

    i just adore beyonce she is just beautiful but if shes faking her pregnancy than wonder what shock all her fans will be in.

    1. tyra says:

      i love beyonce BUT i strongly feel she is not pregnant……..jus saying

  4. you really need to stop …you make too much money and you have too much fame stop tryinna do stuff to take up the spot light from others you made me upset you faker….. imposter… you where an idol now your a fake fraud and a fony…. spend some of that money to make you a baby … i swear no one knows why but you and god.. but what’s done in the dark always come to the light….. faker…. but you know you famous people always have a reason for everything ….. michelle lane

  5. silka says:

    i have had 4 children and my belly never ever did that maybe if she used to weigh 400 lbs b4 and never got a tummy tuck and had extra loose skin but with the body and tone that she has their is no reason for her bump to go from round to flat WEIRD. and did you see when she reached for his hand her knees almos touched her breast when u have a baby on way they can get that far.i dont think she’s pregnant she did get another boob job though. mmmhhmm

  6. Shufhays says:

    Omg people…her dress simply wrinkled when she sat down, now the whole world think shes a big fake! Yall are going to be eating ur words when she pops it out. And with the video thing, im sure she recorded it well before her BUMP was an accual BUMP. Why is everyone always so negative?!?!

    1. antwain says:

      I think she;s pregnant because why would she waste money on clothes food and a bed.

    2. antwain says:

      the baby might kick because they do kick

  7. Thato from South Africa says:

    U guyz need therapy! Beyonce is not stupid enough to fake a pregnancy that will embarrass her and Jay after a couple of months. I’m currently 24 weeks (7months) pregnant and when I sit my dress DOES crincle in front of me bcoz of a change in my position bcoz my dress is not glued to my body, its not my second skin. When standing my belly pops out infront of me and when sitting it gets relaxed and gets supported by my lower body as my muscles don’t need to hold it up anymore. Just a bit of education that not everyones pregnancy is the same.


    i believe beyonce is lieneg and she isnt really pregant i think she kant haavee kids sdo she gonna adopt after 9 months #YES YHEW KAN PLAY BHUDD I PLAY BHETTA

  9. diamond says:

    did you really get pregnant if you did what did you have a boy or girl??

    1. erica says:

      i dnt think the bitch is pregnant noway

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