Remember when commercials were fun, memorable and you enjoyed watching them? Usually they were humorous, and often the best ones had unforgettable characters, mascots and lines. Take a peek through these ads and see which ones you remember – and tell us which one was your favorite!

Classic Commercials

1) Frosted Flakes…


2) Here’s Tony The Tiger for Today’s Generation…

3) Life Cereal


4) Oscar Mayer

5) Coke


6) Fritos

7) M & M’s


8) Keep America Beautiful

9) Alka Seltzer


10) Coke

  1. RainbowRay says:

    I remember those commercials very well. Oscar Bologna, LIfe (Hey Mikey!) are my personal faves out of that group.

    here are a list of my favorite commercials from YOUTUBE that I would like tshar with you and your listners. A few of them are Canadian commercials aired in Canada back from the 80.s. Enjoy!

    Type in:

    “Albert” Canadian Tire Commercial

    Canadian Tire is a chain of stores dedicated to selling automotive parts, doing automotive repairs and selling other products for the household. They exist all across Canada and I believe there aare afew of them in the States (although not many).

    I remember watching this Albert commercial int he 80’s. Now when I look at it I dream of having a son who will grow up one day to win a cup for my beloved (and also a long suffering fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs–hell of a dream!). This commercial also teaches some valuable life lessons as well. Take a look!

    1980’s Smarties (Canada) Commercial

    SOmetimes I sing this tune to myself and I still LOVE Smarties (red is my fave color because it’s a romantic color as well, like Fiona’s lips). The song is entitled, “When Yu Eat YOur Smarties, Do YOu Eat The Red One’s Last”. I don’t remember if I ever did? They quickly melt in your hand though.

    I Am Canadian

    A Molson Canadian beer commercial from the late 80’s and early 90’s, promoting Canadian pride and Molson Canadian beer (my favorite beer and believe it or not, I have yet to taste American beer althoug I would like to one day and compare; better late then never I guess).

    Molson Commercial Canadian Stereotype

    This one will give you a laugh because it’s an amusing commercial about how some stereotypes are being portrayed by some Canadians (from Americans I mean, about us).
    I remembe when this came out in the late 80’s and early 90’s and thought it was funny at the time as well. Have a laugh at this one and hope it lighten’s everyone up a bit as we approach Christmas.

    Miller Lite 1970’s Classic Commercial

    This I remember watching on TV in the 70’s. It’s a Christmas beer commerical. See if you recognize some of the faces in thsi commercial. I could name a few of them. Good luck! Merry Christmas!

    1970’s Calgon Commercial “Ancient Chinese Secret”

    I LOVE this commerical and is an all time favorite of mine. How many of you remember this one?

    HallMark Card- Nancy Mckeon (1981)

    Nancy did this commercial, I believe just before joining The Facts of LIfe in its second season. I’ve watched this commerical several times and even shared it with the love of my life Fiona (Fee-Fi). When I look at this commercial I just think about how two lives can be so different, yet also I realize how lucky how I am to be alive and to have another opportunity to dream and BAELIEVE in my dreams and “make a difference” in order to put a sad and sordid past behind me. I want to ahve these dreams and I BELIEVE in them. I hope Nancy see’s this because I am sincere. The world needs hope and “RainbowRay” and “Eric’s Mirror” gives that hope. So I keep BELIEVING!


    “Sharing is caring and caring is sharing; living is giving and giving is living

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