Top Five Unconventional Christmas Movies

If you’re sick of watching the same old holiday classics every year like It’s a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Story (although 24 hours of A Christmas Story is somewhat of Christmas tradition), check out these alternatives.

These unconventional Christmas movies may be disguised as another genre, but each have overtones of Christmas themes running throughout the film. Check out these options for a different take on Christmas this year!

Nightmare Before Christmas (1993): One of Tim Burton’s classic stop-motion films that shows a dark side to Christmas as Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King from Halloween Town, discovers Christmas Town and takes it over. The film still has traditional holiday themes of the creepy characters embracing the Christmas spirit for the first time, but they just do it in their own unique way.

Gremlins (1984): At first the little Mogwais are cute and cuddly, but once water is spilled on the main character’s special Christmas present, the Gremlin outbreak begins. They terrorize the neighbor running through Christmas decorations, and one character tells the terrible story of how she discovers Santa isn’t real.

L.A. Confidential (1997): This dramatic cop movie doesn’t seem like it would fit the Christmas spirit, but the plot thickens after ”Bloody Christmas” incident that’s based off a real scandal where Los Angeles officers assaulted suspects in custody. Bonus Christmas scenes involve the hot-tempered Russell Crowe throwing Christmas decorations off a roof and attacking a man accused of domestic abuse.

Die Hard (1988): Considered one of the greatest action movies of all time, this action-packed film also doubles as an unconventional Christmas movie as Bruce Willis takes on terrorists who’ve crashed an executive Christmas party. Plus who could forget the famous line “now I have a machine gun. Ho, ho, ho,” written on a dead terrorist’s chest wearing a Santa hat?

Children of Men (2006): This post-apocalyptic view on the world in despair isn’t the average fuzzy, yuletide Christmas movie. But it references strong themes to the birth of Jesus on Christmas after a young woman miraculously gets pregnant and becomes the last hope for the future.

Have any other unconventional Christmas movies you watch every year? Add them to the list!

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  1. RainbowRay says:

    Yeah, I remember those movies very well, in particular “Gremlins’ (NEVER water them after Midnight!0.

    “sharing is caring and caring is sharing; living is giving and giving is living”

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