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Every year, hundreds of thousands of people probably make the New Year’s resolution to be fit, lose weight, and get healthy. With all the different work-out options out here in Los Angeles, it can be hard to figure out what exercise fits your personality and is fun while being effective.

Because if something isn’t compatible with you, fun, and effective, you aren’t going to do it!

To help you along on your path to tight abs and toned thighs, or maybe just a more healthful outlook on life, we’ve made a list of the Top 10 Los Angeles Exercise Trends Perfect For Your New Year’s Resolution!

10. Piloxing

If you’d like to mesh the muscle-sculpting, body-healing properties of pilates with the fat-burning cardio of boxing, Piloxing might be your ticket to a bangin’ bikini bod this year.

Swedish dancer and celebrity trainer, Viveca Jensen, created the popular exercise method and her studio is in Toluca Lake!

4129 Cahuenga Blvd., Toluca Lake, CA 91602 | (818) 762-8855 |

9. Hula Hooping

Not only is hula hooping a beautiful, sensual, and fun art form, it tones your body and elevates your heart rate to fat-burning levels.

If you want to relive your school days while working on your womanly figure, check out Hoopnotica classes all over Los Angeles!

8. The Bar Method

If you want to become a “tight little package,” as they say in the video, try the Bar Method. The Bar Method incorporates isometric training, dance conditioning, and physical therapy to tone and elongate your body—Ballerina-style.

And there are Bar Method classes all around Los Angeles!

7. Pop Physique

Pop Physique might look easy, but after the class, your muscles will be begging for mercy! Pop Physique is like a combo of ballet barre exercises, pilates, light weight training, and isometrics–all in a poppy little package.

And with enough Pop Physique–that poppy little package will be you!

Want to try out Pop Physique? Don’t worry! There are convenient classes all over Southern California!

6. Yoga Booty Ballet

Yoga Booty Ballet is an incredibly fun, female-centric exercise that fuses meditation, cardiovascular dance, ballet, Kundalini and hatha yoga. If you want to have fun with your exercise, while simultaneously losing weight, Yoga Booty Ballet is a great, empowering option.

Try out Yoga Booty Ballet at Swerve Studio!

8250 West 3rd St. #205, Los Angeles, CA 90048 |323.782.0741|

5. Spinning & Yoga or Pilates

Consider yourself a no-holds barred athlete who enjoys the high-octane workout of spinning, but still needs the limb-loosening of yoga?

Try a class at YAS, or Yoga And Spinning. Their signature class integrates the two disciplines for a perfect whole body workout.

YAS has studios all over Los Angeles!

4. Bollywood Aerobics

Whenever we feel down, the free-wheeling, vibrant music of Bollywood and the energetic dancing always cheers us up!

This hot mix of cardio and dance will get you dancing in the aisles at the grocery store! Or maybe that’s just us.

Try a Bollywood dance class with Rahul at Heartbeat House in Atwater Village!

3. Kundalini Yoga

Becoming “fit” is not just an exercise of your body, but an exercise of your mind.

A more “spiritual” type of yoga than Vinyasa or Power Yoga types of classes, Kundalini Yoga helps realign your body and your spirit, expand your consciousness, and make you “aware” of what is going on inside and outside your body through physical yoga exercises, chanting, meditation, breathing, and good vibes.

What to try Kundalini Yoga? Try a class at Golden Bridge Yoga in Hollywood!

2. Zumba

Zumba was listed as one of the most popular new exercises of 2012–and for good reason. Zumba Fitness is a high-energy, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party that is sexy, fun, and effective!

There are literally Zumba classes everywhere, including most gyms these days, but if you need help finding a class, check out Zumba Los Angeles.

1. Sweaty Sunday

Ryan Heffington runs the Sweat Spot in Silver Lake and is our dance guru. An amazing dancer, Heffington brought the art of dance to everyone, including beginners, with his popular class called Sweaty Sundays on, you guessed it, Sundays.

Now he has dance classes all throughout the week, but his class on Sundays remains one of our favorites. It’s a fabulous extension from a night of partying before. Because who wants to leave the dance club? Plus the classes are super cheap at only $10 a pop.

Try a class at the Sweat Spot in Silver Lake !

  • Did we miss your favorite work-out in Los Angeles? Let us know in the comments!
  1. RainbowRay says:

    After so many years of sacricing for my dreams, I’ve been looking at these videos and the sites and dreaming of “working out and sculpting myself” (for guess who?? Rigggght! of course also for myself). I’d love to be doing what some of those hot ladies are doing. After almost 12 years of working on and following dreams, I feel a little burned out, but still BELIEVING in MIRACLES (Fiona being the most beautiful MIRACLE of them all! I miss her so much!)

    “Sharing is caring and caring is sharing; living is giving and giving is living
    8481 hours to go (more or less!)

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