Kim Kardashian Online Boycott Grows In Signatures

It may be a new year, but it’s the same old Kardashian news. Over the holiday, the boycott against Kim Kardashian and her family grew in signatures on the online petition so much that now the Kardashian’s lawyers are threatening to sue the organizer.

Lawyers are threatening to take action against the founder after the online petition has swelled to over a half a million signatures. The petition asks its signers to stop doing business with the companies that are endorsed by Kim and her family.

According to the founder of the boycott site, he will be counter-acting the suit against them by filing a criminal harrassment complaint against the Kardashian’s lawyers. He says the suit is laughable and that he doesn’t encourage people to harrass or sign the petition, but that signers made their own personal opinion.

The founder isn’t shutting down his petition anytime soon, and is aiming for at least one million signatures to boycott the family.


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  1. RainbowRay says:


    I Just had a look at that site and in my opinion, it sounds like a case of “vengence” and “sour grapes” to me.Obviously they don’t know the Kardashians, nor do they want to know or try to understand them. Focus on 72 dyas and nothing else (getting to know the person FIRST! They don’t want to tdo that.) I agree with Lisa with her opinion that they are only trying to RUIN THEIR LIVES (intentionally as an act of cruel vengence).

    I don’t agree with Kim and her 72 day marriage or Sinead O’Conner’s 18 day marriage (taht’s 80 days in all for two marriages; quite a record if you ask me). I also don’t know the woman or what she’s about and would NEVER do anything as vengeful as that, especially when their’s FAMILY inolved. Those people should be so goddamned grateulf to have their own familes (some dysfunctional, some not), don’t you think?

    After on million petitions, then what? Do they really think that their gonna really persuade the companies to stop promoting their products and their livelihood; I say think again ana I hope I never get to run into any of those people who have nothing better to do then to ruin other people’s lives (and they call themselves American’s). Whatever happened to the saying, “Liberty and justice for all” or should that be “Liberty with the vengence to do as we please for all and against anyone we want without even meeting them!” Maybe the constitution should be amended a little (I jest of course!). That story pisses me off as it should others.

    Life is about choides and there is “Free will” involved right? Making a differnce w(especially with being constantly criticized, despite good intentions and NOT KNOWING the person is just plane fuckin stupid if you ask me. Get to REALLY know the person first and at least TRY to UNDERSTAND THEM.

    I just hope and pray that nothing (especially that garbage) comes between Fiona and I.

    Sharing is caring and caring is sharing; living is giving and giving is living

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