Today, the National Enquirer has put out a picture of the late Whitney Houston’s death photo on the cover! Do you think they have they gone too far publishing the photo of Whitney lying in her casket?

The tabloid magazine sparked controversy after publishing a photo of Whitney lying in a gold casket at her funeral on the cover. It isn’t know how the photo was obtained by the Enquirer, but the tabloid claims the photo was taken at Whigham Funeral Home in New Jersey.

You can see the PHOTO HERE and tell us, has the Enquirer crossed a line publishing an unverified photo of Whitney in her casket?

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  1. RainbowRay says:

    When it comes from tabloids like “The Star” or “The Enquirer”, nothng really surprises me anymore. I remember when Elvis died, “The Enquirer” did the same thing and had a picature of Elvis lying in his coffin on their front cover. Stories and pictures like that, SELL TABLOIDS and nothing more. “The Star” and “The Enquirer” are nothing but shameless “yock rags” with people who have nothing better to do with their lives then come up with bulshit stories and gossip in order tos ell papers.

    This problem would stop if “people would stop buying and reading them” and READ a BOOK for a change. I’m a reading a book on “Andrew Jackson”, the late Canadian Prime Minister, “Mackenzie King” and I’ve just finished reading a book called “Jamaica Farewell” about a man who is foreced to leave his homeland of Jamaica (makes me think and dream of the love of my life and soon to be love of my wife, Fiona).

    Would you reather read a story about “true love” or something from a goddamn yock rag! I rest my case!

    “The Enquirer” has no shame and no taste as well! Stop buying and reading those magazines and maybe they’ll stop publishing. WIshj the Paparazzi would stop publishint their pictures! They’re a bunch of morons!

    310 days and still BELIEVING in the KINDNESS OF STRANGERS!
    Sharing is caring and caring is sharing; living is giving and giving is living

  2. Susie Cue says:

    I agree with RainbowRay that people should stop buying those rags, but unfortunately that will not happen. I think whoever took the picture and sold it has no moral conscience. Bobby Brown ranks right up there with that person for again deciding to write a “tell all” book, but then I have heard that it was his sister that took the pictures, guess you could say “birds of a feather”. Neither one has taken the feelings of Bobbi Kristina into consideration. Real scum.

    I for one am a consumate reader, but I don’t read “tell all” books as they are written from the “tell all” persons perspective and in this case the victim has no opportunity to refute the claims in the “tell all”.

  3. Linda toney says:

    We can no longer use normal terminology for what is in good taste or bad when it comes to these papers. They have created a whole new category of crass long before this. Why do we even acknowledge their existence any longer? I am not a bit surprised they did this, just that it took so long.

  4. gold says:

    what’s crazy is National Enquirer was the number one tabloid to exploit Whitney at the height of her career with rumors of her being a lesbian, to her drug use, and now they can’t respect her in death.

    I dont understand how these slut magazines execs live with themselves.

  5. Thomas Fitzgerald says:

    What a rotten way to make money !! My her sole and the soles of the rested departed rest in pease , and any one who made a cent off any picture like that will rep what they sew,



  7. Rose Ryan says:

    ThIs Is totally out of lIne… Someone needs to be punIshed for that.

  8. wouldnt have happened if they did like elvis and james brown and streamed it open casket. these ppl had small children also and their families got smart, aint nobody making money off their death photo’s

  9. R. James says:

    Well you don’t have to look! Personally she finally looks at peace after a tumultuous few decades of self abuse and abuse by others. God rest her soul.

  10. nrver the less says:

    no they did not go to far they treated her like if she was god!!! She was just a lady who fell into drinking and drugs and couldn’t get herself out of that hell she put her self in. She ounce had a good singing voice, but lost it all. It’s to bad that it happened to her. The real question is why wasn’t she to be left alone when she was to take a bath?????? Doesn’t that bring up some flags??? And was only her Daughter in the room outside the bath room door, and why do they want to question her??? Could it be she was tiered of the way her mom and dad lived and need a way out.No one will ever know what really went on in that bath room. It is so sad to know your wroth more money dead then alive. Thats pretty sad, and then maybe she knew that and she knew she just didn’t have it anymore. Our minds can keep on running on this but only we will never know the real story.

    1. Valerie says:

      I have to take exception to some of the comments made by nrver the less. Although Whitney was human just like all of us she was/is like all the other icons that have touched sooo many people through her music despite the fact that she had her own demons. Everyones got ’em. The media recognition she has received is just and is appreciated by those of us who truely loved her from a far. The Enquirer definitely went too far. It’s not so much the picture in itself that was so bad because she looks good. It is the obvious lack of respect for a very private time that did not deserve to be tarnished with a lack of respect for her mother and daughter.

  11. Valerie says:

    Although Whitney looks so beautiful and peaceful it was so wrong and disrespectful of any news media to exploit her this way in her death. The news is the news but my gosh have some compassion. Everything about her homegoing service was done so classy and so beautifully. It’s sooo saddening that someone couldn’t resist doing something so ugly and distasteful.

  12. Cguerr says:

    I am embarrassed to admit that I used to purchase the Inquirer. That stopped over 34 years ago when they published that photo of Elvis in his coffin. I can now proudly say that not only have I not purchased that rag in over 34 years, but also I do not read it – even if it is free on the rack at my hairdresser’s. Case closed.

  13. Sadden says:

    That’s is a yes and a no answer for myself I am a big fan of Whitney Houston I love her dearly I wanted to see her but with respect to her family having her services private was completely understandable so to answer the ? It is yes to far and no I wanted to see it

  14. Kris Connect says:

    I hope these slimeballs are sleeping good at night. This is downright low even for a sleavy publication. Whoever did it should get fired. This is obviously an inside job by an employee of Wingham, as it is evident that this was done before the family and friends got there. They should investigate and publicly humiliate the guilty party.

  15. Kelli Glover says:

    It is just sad. This is a real family and these are real people. I have buried both my parents, 3 years apart, and it is the worst thing to go through. I do not know how these bottom feeders sleep at night.

  16. Linda Stone says:

    I personally don’t buy, read or look at the Enquirer but…………. the Enquirer should not be faulted for doing their job and of course, making money – it’s the American way – right? They only print what people will buy. Did they go too far – obviously not because you know people will buy the paper and love it. The people to blame are the people who buy it, not the Enquirer.

  17. Jackie says:

    I think they had every right. You all think these movies stars and singers are GODs they arent. If they chose to live a life like that they need to know you are going to get a picture taken if you like it or not. everyone has to make a living. Dont live a life you are going to be sorry for and you dont have to worry about people taking pictures of you when something happens. do something stupid someone takes a picture get over it you did it out in open. die and someone needs money some one offers money life goes on. Sorry but you make your life the way it is get everyone loving you wanting more you all that see the pictures really dont want to look but you do . Come on if you are a star or singer thts your life.

  18. Kris says:

    I think the bottom line is that these papers satisfy the curiosity factor out there. No matter how many people condemn NE’s tastless act, the curiosity factor will always prevail. For instance, this station could have posted this survey without the link to the front page of NE. How many people speaking out against this clicked on to view the photo?

    I’ll be honest, I certainly did, although I do not agree with with NE’s position.

    Drive down one of the freeways on any given day and you see people slowing down to gawk at some horrible accident.

    It is human nature which makes these papers profitable.

  19. Bob says:

    Who cares?

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