There is some serious fallout over the National Enquirer‘s controversial new cover with the photo of Whitney Houston lying in her casket, and now speculation over who took the photo and sold has begun. The funeral home where her service was held claims, “it wasn’t us” who released the photo, which leaves only family and close friends as suspects.

The #1 suspect for taking Whitney’s photo while lying in the casket is Tina Brown, Bobby Brown’s sister. While she was no where near Whitney, people still speculate she somehow got a hold of the photo ans sold it.

Also, big problems are now surfacing after the Enquirer ran the photo plus all the details that Whitney was buried with half a million dollars. Problems with grave robbers are now a concern and her final resting place is currently under armed guard watch in case robbers target her grave.

She was reportedly laid to rest wearing a diamond broach and earrings, a bracelet and her favorite $200,000 ring. The cemetery is now closed to the public indefinitely.

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  1. RainbowRay says:

    People are REALLY going to BELIEVE EVERYTHING that that “yock rag” The Enquirer says? That Whitney was ACTUALLY BURIED with $500, oooo. WHoever believes that should wake up and check the coffee they’ve been drinking, because I think that’s bull? Maybe jewellery because people do get buried with favorite posessions sometimes. Now, because of these “unsubstantiated” rumors, people want to dig up her grave (that’s not only disrespectful to Whitney and her family, but the thought of it makes me sick! Gross!).

    I remember when Elvis died, they had to move his body from a local cemetary to Graceland (originally) as there were also threats to “steal his body” (some depraved, fanatical fans. If there were e-bay back in those days, maybe they’d try to sell his body or part of it; like lock of hair perhaps? Who knows!). DON’T BELIEVE everything you read! I still say, read a book!

    Have learned alot of interesting facts about Andrew Jackson and Mackenzie King!

    Sharing is caring and caring is sharing; living is giving and giving is living
    310 days and STILL BELIEVING in the KINDNESS of STRANGERS!

  2. RainbowRay says:

    ONe ore point to add to my last blog and I would like to emphasize this: “YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU EVEN IF YOU WANT TOO!”


  3. Darby Cooper says:

    Why bury someone with valuables on? It should’ve just been handed down to her daughter.

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