Jimmy Kimmel Premieres Star-Studded Parody Trailer, ‘Movie: The Movie’

Jimmy Kimmel Live drew in huge numbers for his star-studded post-Oscar show featuring all the biggest celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman and many more. At the top of the show, Kimmel premiered a hilarious fake movie trailer titled Movie: The Movie featuring just about every actor you can think of, including Tom Hanks starring as ‘Robo Lawyer.’

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Movie: The Movie


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  1. RainbowRay says:

    re ofRainbowRay’s Official Movie Review of “Movie: The Movie”

    Jimmy Kimmel’s latest offering, “Movie The Movie” is just that, “A MOVIE”. It is a blatant attempt to offer the obscure, redundant intelligence of the telivisual and movie going public an epifforical attempt at what some may confirm as being of the humorous nature. Sure it has alot of diatastical humor in it which could remove the “tuxedo looking features” off a penguin with one viewing, but as a movie conjuring up the felicitudes and marangering imitations of being “just that, a movie”–the continuity sucks!

    Even all plemering all star cast of “epic movie going preportions”, cannot save this unamusing propencical metaphor for “condescending, illogical satire” that dwelves beneath the surface of an acceptable europhic level of utmost propensities. It is the brave and metephoric umbriantical performance of Tom Hanks as the glorious and illustrious Robo Lawyer” that saves this inept attempt at theatrical satirical brilliance (I’d rather read used toilet paper that still hangs on the roll, something of interest that would “wipe me” to tears and laughter as it were), but enough of this blatant cinematic critique meandering.

    Kimmel’s use of satirical cliches and ball busting “humerous inuendos” in this so called cinematic piece of brilliant promposity can be comparable to one of those “ink blots” on cardboard that the psychiatric community uses when analzying a patient who has a phobia for chewing gum” (much more interesting don’t you think! Juicy Fruit would move me more then this poor excuse for cinematic pompostic brilliance!).

    Nice Try Mr. Kimmel, but movie goers everywhere will not succomb to such toxic nonsenswe and chivalry as this attempt to arouse our humerous bone. I can only recommend this shriveled up excuse for a film to someone whose sense of humor is congenial to the bomastic brilliance of a centipede with a wooden leg (they sound like this, “99 thump! 99 thump! 99 thump!” The sound of a centipede leaving a movie theater after having watched this sharade!).

    In other words, it was A VERY FUNNY FILM and I LOVEd IT MR. KIMMEL! HA! HA ! HA! (lighten up!)

    RainbowRay’s Rating Review: 4 bags of popcorn out of 5! HA!

    I love to critique so called “bad movies”, so much fun! I’ve done a number of them on the side just as a hobby and to keep me laughing

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