The K-EARTH 101 Morning show had the pleasure of talking with Davy Jones just over a year ago as he prepared for a show in California at the Pepperdine University.

As we remember Davy’s life and career this morning, we’re re-airing this exclusive interview filled with stories and memories spanning his spectacular journey as a Monkee to his favorite pastimes at home.

When our interview first aired in Sept. 2010, Davy Jones was gearing up for a big show in California long before he got back together with his Monkee-mates Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz for their 45th Anniversary Tour.

The fun, spirited Davy talked about his calm life long after the height of Monkeemania ended, spending his free time tending to his ranch and horse riding — a passion he’s held since just the age of 14.

Davy shared stories from the start of becoming a Monkee on the hit TV sitcom and muses about his good friends and bandmates. He remembers in particular about the first time he heard The Monkees’ debut single “Last Train To Clarksville” played on the radio while cruising in Micky’s mustang, weeks before the show even aired.

“We both looked at each other, ‘Clarks’ had started to play,” recalled Davy. “It was six weeks before the show was on air, and it caught my breath. Every time I hear it now…where ever it is, I go, ‘whoa – that’s me!'”

Davy jokes about his fame and life after The Monkees, but one thing is certain, he was also gracious to his fans all around the world who’ve supported his music for over 40 years.

Listen to our entire conversation with Davy in the audio below to hear more stories from his past and humorous, silly personality that this ‘Monkee’ was so well known for.

Comments (4)
  1. veronicahaunanifitzhugh says:

    to davy, my english hanuman


    when you were a simple monkey
    asked to deliver a single bud,
    you brought a field of asian amber flush.
    your unbridled devotion
    thrust you to monkey god.

    now, you divinely intervene
    and bring me messages of him.

    i find him in a soup kitchen
    baking apple bread in a
    t-shirt depicting two quarreling
    monkeys captioned,
    “double talk.”

    he loves me and focuses on
    monkees rerun marathons
    late into the night preserving
    our chaste, intimate love.
    tonight’s virgin viewing is
    in your honor
    and cinematic eulogy,

    humming your swanee river,
    i shiver with relief that
    my heart no longer attacks.

    thank you,
    for the anthem bouquets
    of my youth.

  2. RainbowRay says:

    I remember this interview when it first aired on KEARTH 101 almost two years ago and STILL BELIEVING in the KINDNESS OF STRANGERS! The world needs an “ERIC’S MIRROR and RAINBOWRAY. Still BELIEVING!

    Davy Jones R.I.P! Sorry to hear about his passing!

    307 days to go and BELIEVING!

  3. Cher Abellano says:

    I grew up with “The Monkees” great memories good times

  4. Leslie Goklberg Zimmer says:

    I will fondly remember how caring David was to his fans when I used to run Monkees Conventions in Chicago in the ’80’s. When I first met him in 1979, he was touring solo. That night, as I spoke with my first crush since I was 6, I realized that dreams really CAN come true. I know mine did. As I watched his concert that evening, I will always remember the joy I felt that night as a sweet slice of life.

    A few months later, I put in ads to form a committee to put on Monkee Conventions. I had twenty strangers attend the first meeting and they became my Monkees Relived Committee. We put on five AMAZING conventions (which David always contributed himself to) through 1986. Our last one was at the Hollywood Holiday Inn the weekend that the four Monkees reunited at the Greek Theater. What a MAGICAL time. I still keep in touch with soome of my original Committee members and have the Monkees to thank for bringing us together. However, I have Davy to thank for bringing a magical spark to my life. Rest easy, My Friend, and know your sweet light still shines on all of us.

    Leslie Goldberg Zimmer

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