Gayle King ‘Honored’ To Work On CBS This Morning

With a brand new line up of Charlie Rose, Erica Hill and Gayle King, CBS This Morning is ‘going very well’ according to Gayle, who joined Gary & Lisa this morning to talk about her return to the news desk in between her interview with George Clooney.

Gayle shared her thoughts on some of the latest entertainment headlines and her favorite interviews so far on the show, including her honest conversation with Prince Harry.

Waking up early to go live on the east coast every morning, Gayle King is loving her new role as part of the news team on CBS The Morning. Many fans don’t know that before becoming BFFs with Oprah Winfrey, she worked as an anchor for various news stations in the country.

Now she’s back delivering all the latest headlines to viewers first thing in the morning, which she says is an “honor and a privilege” to work on CBS This Morning.

During her chat with Gary & Lisa this morning, Gayle tells us about her favorite interviews so far that included her interview with George Clooney this morning and Prince Harry.

She was impressed with how well the princes grew up after Diana’s death and found it amusing that Prince Harry was so honest about his private life in dating, his royal family and his charity work.

Still in the early stages, Gayle admits that CBS This Morning still has a ways to go before getting into the rhythm of things on the show, but says she and her team work great together.

“You can’t fake chemistry, you can’t make it up,” said Gayle. “You either have it or you don’t.” Listen to our entire conversation with Gayle in the audio below:



One Comment

  1. RainbowRay says:

    Hey Gary! Since you mentioned that you Knew or met Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan), I thought I’d share these two clips from you that are from fallopian YOUTUBE.



    Captain Kangaroo : Good Morning Captain (1976)

    I remember this “opening theme song” from the show when I was a kid, watching it sometimes before going to school.

    SCTV 10/21/76-“Captain Combat”-(Gunny Rabbit)***(Part 1)***

    This is as parody of Captain Kangaroo called “Captain Combat” that I remember watching when I was a kid. 10/21/76 was the ACTUAL air date of this clip and I’m !00 percent certain that I did see it when it first aired. The show originally taped in Toronto. They were all part of the Second City troupe that was based in Chicago I believe and also in Toronto (maybe even New York, not sure!). It’s absolutely hilarious and I LAUGH OUT LOUD (LOL) everytime I look at it.

    If you want, type in SCTV Paul Fist In Your Face (another classic I remember from childhood)

    Both I’ve shared with my darling Fiona 9/11!


    Sharing is caring and caring is sharing;living is giving and giving is living

  2. pb says:

    I thought Gayle’s comment to George clooney about his cuteness and his untrimmed beard was soooo out of line. The man had just risked his well being going to Sudan, it was demeaning and sexist.

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