Over ten years ago I was introduced to a wonderful animal rescue organization called Perfect Pet Rescue in West Los Angeles.  It was started over 18 years ago by Nancy and Nancy.  They scour local animal shelters adopting dogs that are hours away from being put down.   They rescue them from certain death and find them loving homes.

The lives of over 10,000 dogs have been saved since they began their labour of love.  I’ve adopted 3 wonderful dogs from Perfect Pet myself – Charlie, Scout and Zoey!  Even actress Kathy Bates has adopted from Perfect Pet.  She was there the same day I got my Zoey.

posh222126 Perfect Pet Recue and A Passion for Saving Animals!

Nancy and Nancy and Perfect Pet Rescue are big fans of K-EARTH 101, and I’m a big fan of theirs.  And they tell me that their rescue dogs who are waiting for homes all get to listen to K-EARTH 101!  How perfect would it be for a human K-EARTH listener to adopt a canine K-EARTH listeners?  It would be perfect!  Adoptions are slow and Perfect Pet needs to find homes for all their rescue dogs.  You see, once a dog is adopted, Nancy and Nancy have room at their kennel to rescue another dog from the shelter.  It’s a win-win-win!

I spoke with Nancy and Nancy recently and they shared this success story with me:

“A few weeks ago we rescued Posh(pictured), a terrier mix who was 4-5 months old.  She was not expected to leave the shelter alive because she had developed a cold called “kennel cough.”  Colds are not fatal to people or dogs but few people want to rescue a sick puppy.  We fell in love with Posh because she was so so sweet and gentle, so we rescued her from the shelter.

When we got a call from a family in Victorville, we were surprised because they were several hours away from our location in West LA.  They had recently lost a dog to old age and their dog looked a lot like Posh.  They drove nearly 4 hours in a rainstorm to meet and adopt her.

Posh went to her new home with antibiotics and is doing great!  ‘She’s the best girl ever and worth all the effort,’ says her new family.”

Perfect Pet has all kinds of dog who all need loving homes.  I dare you to look at their faces and not want one for your own! I couldn’t.

Log onto PerfectPetRescue.com or e-mail them at nancy@perfectpetrescue.com

Comments (5)
  1. Longtime Sylvia Aimerito fans says:

    I LOVE this non-profit.
    And I know their work. It’s an amazing thing they do.
    A friend got her dog from them and couldn’t be happier.
    Thanks for posting Sylvia.
    And thank you for loving animals, esp. dogs, as much as we do.
    You ROCK.

  2. Ben, Paula, and also BIG TIME Sylvia Aimerito fans! says:

    What a great post Sylvia. We totally love dogs.
    Our beloved Max passed away this past Christmas and we’re still so sad about it.
    Always will be. Cats, turtles, birds are great too. But dogs have such a loving personality.
    And I wasn’t even an animal lover, per se, until we found Max.
    We took him everywhere.
    My neighbor never takes her two dogs for walks and breaks our hearts. We secretly throw doggie biscuits over the fence and talk to them when she’s at work.
    Why have a dog if you just ignore him?
    I may sound crazy but whatever.
    Our “pets” are family, aren’t they?
    If not, they should be. Where else do we get such unconditional love?
    Sorry for the rant.
    When we’re ready for a new dog, Perfect Pet Rescue will be the first place we’ll go.
    Thanks again. Sylvia. Tell “Nancy & Nancy” to keep up their WONDERFUL work.

    You too – Sylvia. You’re much more than our favorite radio personality hands down.
    It’s like you really care about the community and your listeners.
    That’s a rare thing.
    have a great shirt – we’re listening as I type this! xoxoxooxox

  3. Lori & Lincoln Thomas says:

    We’ve “rescued” three great, wonderful, dogs from Perfect Pet Rescue.
    If we had more room, we’d get another!
    They’re a really terrific group and do such a great job.
    We also, when we can, support them with donations.
    That’s how much we love them.

    People, PLEASE check them out next time you’re looking for a canine kid.
    You’d be doing a very loving thing and will get an amazing family member who will love you with all of their heart. Win- win!

    Love your show Sylvia. It’s programmed as #1 and every Saturday we tune you in!
    We’ve been fans since your days on KNAC, KEZY, KHJ, and KBIG!
    A looooooooong time!
    Your Long Beach fans

  4. Sally Phenicie says:

    Thank you Sylvia for promoting pet ADOPTION, and Perfect Pet Rescue. I have looked thru this rescue’s website numerous times, and am impressed with the obvious care they provide for their rescues. Kudos to both Nancys for the rescue work they do.

  5. RainbowRay says:

    That’s also a great way to show kids about “adoption and of course being responsible for a live creature and loving it”. Had a glimpse at the website and looks like a great cause for anyone interested in adopting a pet that needs a home. God, how I miss Sadie1


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