2012 Tax Day Freebies

Have you filed your income taxes yet? Better hurry, there’s only one day left until the April 17th filing deadline, and if you’re in a rush to complete your taxes, why not make the agony of sending your forms to Uncle Sam worth your while?

As a growing annual tradition, several businesses are paying back the customers by giving away special Tax Day freebies and discounts to make the dreaded deadline day a little better. Find out where you can cash in on these Tax Day deals!

Courtesy of Bradsdeals.com, here are some Tax Day freebies to take advantage of to help numb the pain of filing taxes:

For even more freebies and discounts, click here!


One Comment

  1. RainbowRay says:

    Those are pretty good incentives to get people to meet the deadline on time. Maybe someone can give “FREE HUGS”. I’d like to stand somewhere with a sign (not by myself mind you, but with others) saying “FREE HUGS”. I’ve actually dreamed of doing that as part of a “LAUGH CLUB” (another dream I have of starting; to help make people laugh more; especially myself because I could sure use some laughter right about now. Relying on watching Monty Python, Red Green and other humorous shows to keep me laughing. Laughter is the best medicine after all, right? Especially being able to laugh at yourself as well! VEry important in order to enjoy life!

    The Laugh Club started in India back the 90’s I think by this woman and spread throughout the world over time. There is one lady in the States who I admire very much; she started her own Laugh Club group and she has travelled all over the United States (I’m not sure if she’s ever visited Canada). Her name is Laura ?????. She has a website called “Laughing With Laura”. She’s a Lutheran Minister in the State of Iowa (???). Anyway, I always dreamed of meeting her.

    I got from her website, 100 ways on how to make people laugh (simple ways) and I’ve even come up with my own ways to add to that list. One of my dreams is to start “my own laugh club” (with FIona). I think we all need to laugh more and bitch and complain less (although it’s hard to do when your this much in love with someone). I think that would be another “great incentive”, don’t you?

    It’s hard to laugh when the woman you TRULY LOVE isn’t with you. Still BELIEVING in the HELP from the KINDNESS of STRANGERS>

    Don’t be shy, give it a try—-Start your own laugh club with your own friends and relatives, if you’re up to it. It sure would help stop the bitching and complaining now wouldn’t it?

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