Mel Gibson Explodes In Another Crazy Rant

There is yet another explosive, expletive-filled rant from Mel Gibson in which he goes off on Jewish people, his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, and screenwriter Joe Eszterhas.

Eszterhas was writing a screenplay for Mel’s next film The Maccabees, but when it was rejected on April 11th, the screenwriter released a nine-page letter detailing that claimed Mel had threatened him and Oksana, and the threats were caught on another leaked recording.

In the rant recorded last December in Costa Rica by Eszterhas’ son, Mel can be heard shouting at Eszterhas about not having a first draft of The Maccabees written, and then turns his anger towards his ex-girlfriend.

After the recording leaked, Mel fired back with a letter of his own saying that Eszterhas’ claims are utter fabrication and is even mulling over filing a lawsuit for being secretly recorded.

Listen to the full Entertainment Report to hear a little snippet of his most recent rant, and see if you can even understand what he’s saying.

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