We all know laughter can be the best medicine, that’s why one father is asking the public to tell 5,000 jokes for his 19-year-old son who’s battling brain cancer to help him during his recovery.

The father, Len Austrevich (who is a former stand up comedian), has already received help from a-list comedians like Will Arnett, Amy Poehler, Jay Leno, Dane Cook, and now the owner of the Laugh Factory, Jamie Masada, is doing his part by hosting a 30 hour Joke-A-Thon to help reach the goal of 5,000 jokes.

We got Jamie on the phone this morning to talk about Len’s charity Jokes4Miles and the Joke-A-Thon webcast that’s happening right now, and how anyone can pitch in and spread the laughter to help ill children around the world.

Len started Jokes4Miles for his 19-year-old son Miles who has been battling brain cancer for three years and is about to undergo an autologous stem cell transplant that will keep him in isolation for 3-6 months. His father went to the public to ask for 5,000 jokes for Miles so he could have something to watch online and show him he’s not alone while he was in recovery.

Len said in a statement, “Once we hit 5,000 Jokes4Miles, we will start building pages for other children.”

With the help of Jamie and the Laugh Factory, he has arranged for a Joke-A-Thon to be streamed online so that children at Children’s Hospitals across the country can share in on this special event with Miles. The event is happening simultaneously at both the Los Angeles and Chicago Laugh Factory locations.

Everyone is invited to come out to the Laugh Factory for the Joke-A-Thon that started on Tuesday and runs until Wed., April 25th up to 7 PM. Or you can go online and upload your favorite (clean and children-friendly) joke to Jokes4Miles.com.

Listen to our interview with Jamie to learn more about this special event and watch the Joke-A-Thon live online at LaughFactory.com!

  1. RainbowRay says:

    (HI Miles, this is RainbowRay ( I’m a rhyming self-esteem clown for pre-school children, but I LOVE a GOOD JOKE and PUNS as well). Here’s a few I thought you’d may enjoy and could be added to that list of 5000 you are reaching to achieve (if you haven’t already).


    1. “What did the nose say to the little boy? PICK ME! PICK ME!
    2. An octopus in a classroom blabs an answer when he shouldn’t have, so the teacher says,
    “OCTI” (his name), you need raise your “HAND! HAND! HAND! HAND! HAND! HAND! HAND! HAND! first before answering.
    3. Why did the boy throw his clock out the window? To see time fly!
    4. By what means of transportation does Dracula like to travel by? Blood vessel!
    5. Did you hear this joke about Dracula? No, I’ll bite, how does it go? (Groaaaan!)
    6. What time was the patient’s appointment at the dentist set for? Tooth Hurty (two thirty)
    7. Question: Do circus elephants work for peanuts?
    8. A skeleton walks into a daycare to visit some kids and joins them for snack routine and
    says, I’ll have a milk and a mop!”
    9. A doctor says to a patient, I’m sorry, but I have some bad news for you; you have only 24 hours to live!” The man says, “That’s terrible, what can I do?” and the doctor says, “I’m afraid nothing, because I tried to call you yesterday to tell you!
    10. Question: Did you ever see a “salad dressing?” It’s not pretty! or how about a “barn dance?” (Need to get to know it first I guess!)
    11. Did you hear? Dracula failed his blood test! He forgot to study for it!
    12. Miles, I always to try to look at life in terms of my blood type—B+ (be positive, get it?)
    13. Teacher to parent: I’m afraid your son isn’t doing very well in school
    Parent to teacher (looking concerned): Oh how so?
    Teacher to parent: Well, his marks are like being under water for a great length of time!
    Parent to teacher: (looking confused) What do you mean by that?
    Teacher to parent: Below C (Sea) level!

    I remember using this joke in a skit I did in school in Grade 8. It didn’t win first prize but
    it certainly got alot of praise from my teacher (Mr. Olan) back then. The only teacher I remember who gave me any kind of support at all (and the same teacher where I failed the eigth grade in because how things were at home).

    14. I hate to repeat myself all the time because I already did that, in eighth grade!
    15. Two snowmen are standing in a meadow and the one snowman turns to the other and says, “say, do you smell carrots?”
    16. Sign on a Travel agency: “Please Go Away!” (actually saw this on a travel agency business card once! HA!)
    17. Father’s taking his daughter to the doctor and on top of that his wife is feeling under the weather, but she wants to come with him. The father turns to his wife and says, “honey you can’t come to the doctor with us, your sick!
    HA! MORE to follo

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