By Britt Bickel

This morning, we’re paying tribute to all the men and women who have or currently serve our country in honor of Memorial Day.

Listeners called in to salute a veteran in their life to remember all that they gave in defending the U.S. by giving their name, branch of service  and where they served to give them all the recognition they deserve!

Listen to some of our listeners’ salutes to the troops and make sure to add your salute to a veteran in your life in the comments below! We’ll be adding more calls throughout the morning, so make sure to check back often!

Listener salutes during the 6 a.m. hour:

Listener salutes during the 7 a.m. hour:

Listener salutes during the 8 a.m. hour:

We got so many calls this morning of listeners wanting to salute a veteran they know that we couldn’t play them all on air! Thanks for all the calls this morning as we honor all those who’ve fallen and bravely defended the country this Memorial Day.

Un-aired Listener salutes:

Comments (13)
  1. Maria Simpson says:

    Thank you for honoring the sacrifice of our fallen military this memorial day weekend. In loving memory I remember Cpl Miguel A. Guzman USMC, my nephew Sgt Jonathan James Simpson USMC, and my precious son, LCpl Abraham Simpson USMC

  2. Annette Holdaway says:

    i had 6 people that serve in the service my brother he was in the marines station in japan and then my cousin was in the marines, my son is in the army service twice in iraq and was station in germany now he is home on r&r he is leaving to go to missouri were he is station at my daughter was in iraq she was in th army and her two best friend was in th army they both was in iraq together and one of them was with when they captiior that ben guy. We all love them Happy Meorial day to all

  3. Terri Shaw says:

    My father, Paul Morrison, served in Panama during ww2 in us army; my mother,Rosemary Reed Morrison, worked for the Navy dept in DC, WW2; my uncle, Robert Morrison, served in 82nd Airborne in WW2, 101st Airborne on 3 tours in Vietnam; 2 cousins served in Air Foirce during Vietnam; my husband, John Shaw, served on the USS Rowan in Vietnam; my eldest son, Warrant Officer, James Shaw, is currently serving in Afghanistan flying drones in the US Army, his 3rd tour there.

  4. Patrice Abarca says:

    My dad, Joseph Anthony Morgan, served for 21 years in the Navy, starting in WWII. My oldest brother, Joseph Michael Morgan, served in the Marines and Marine Reserve for 30 years, starting during the Vietnam War. My younger brother, Thomas Kevin Morgan, served for 35 years in the Navy and Naval Reserve.

    My son’s best friend and my “second son,” Ernesto Javier Ureña, served honorably in the Marine Corp. He went to 3 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Javier was killed last Wednesday and today is his funeral. We love you, Javier.

  5. Maxine Guerra says:

    My father served in the Army during the Korean Conflict, my husband served in the late 70’s during the cold war in the Army as Captain , and my son who is currently serving in the Navy as a Petty Officer on a battle ship in Hawaii.

  6. Kathy Bolton says:

    My father Woodrow Pratt served in WWII . He served on the Yorktown and was in the Battle of the Coral Sea and Midway. The Yorktown sank, but he survived. He was also in Korea. He retired from the Navy after 22 years, as a Chief Petty Officer. My husband’s cousin Ronnie Staneart died in Vietnam.

  7. Barbara Hallett says:

    I sewrved in the Air Force during the Vietnam era as a Flight Attendent in the Military Air Transport Service.



  9. Debbie Rusas says:

    I want to salute my father-Albert J. Rusas, SR. who served in both WWII and Korean and spent 22 1;2 years in the Navy. He is 86 years young and was on the South Dakota-next to the Missouri when the Peace Treaty was signed with Japan. He has a host of medals and is a hero to his children and grandchildren. I honor him and all those who have given their lives for our country and for those that are currently serving-God Bless!

  10. Loretta Alexander says:

    My father who served in the 4th Marine Division on Iwo Jima he was blown out of a tank on the island. Thomas Luke Fulwood

    My Mother LaVerne Sesko Fulwood – Marine served same time as my father – meet at Cherry Point NC

    God Bless all who have served, continue to serve and gave all for our freedoms. God Bless America

  11. Archie bushey says:

    My Father was a 30 year vet serving from 1941 through 1971.He fought in WW2 Korea and Viet Nam He served on the USS Enterprise , USS KEARSARGE ,USS YORKTOWN ,USS BENNINGTON, and the USS HORNET.His name was Archie J. Bushey.He passed away in 1985

  12. Kloudy Gonzalez says:

    My son-in-law Donny Egan stationed at Davis AFB in AZ is being deployed to Afghanistan on May 30th. We are leaving tonight to spend the Memorial weekend with him. God Bless all that have served and continue to serve and may they return to their families safe.

  13. Noemi Reyes says:

    I want to salute My husband Michael Reyes who was in the navy for 9 years and now serves in the the Air national guard as a Staff Sergeant. He just came back from Afghanistan and is doing well. Emily and i are very proud of u and love u

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