Today's Tickets @ 2 Song: "Hotel California" by Eagles
By Britt Bickel

In part three of The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show’s 50th Anniversary Interview with The Beach Boys, the group discusses its new album That’s Why God Made The Radio, released earlier this week.

Select tracks are previewed and The Beach Boys explain the writing and recording process of the songs and the story behind the songs.

“Think About The Days”

The first track from That’s Why God Made The Radio features The Beach Boys’ signature harmonies that still have that wow factor after 50 years. Brian Wilson’s gifted arrangements create a beautiful vocal melody of all five members.

“He has that uncanny knack of structuring harmonies – moving chord progressions,” said Mike Love about Brian. “The time may have passed, but the talent and the ability to structure those harmonies remains like it always was. Brilliant.”

“Isn’t It Time”

This “doo-wop-inspired” track contains a ukelele, a bass, and drums that sound like beats “falling off a shelf in time,” according to Bruce Johnston.

“Daybreak Over The Ocean”

This love song written by Mike is one of the group’s favorite cuts off the album.

“Brian was really great about it, he said ‘that’s my favorite cut on the album,’ which I don’t know if it really is, but he was really nice about it,” laughed Mike.

For more Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Interview, watch parts one and two, and check back tomorrow for the final installment of the group’s visit to K-EARTH 101!


  1. RainbowRay says:

    Beach Boys, gotta love ’em even 50 years later. I like that track they sing, “Bring Back My Baby” (they should have added Memphis to that song. God how I miss you Fiona, but as they say “patience is a virtue” and of cousre RainbowRay’s 10 P’S to Positive Living does work. Opportunity NOW knocks!


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