Joan Jett Joins Laura Jane Grace Of Against Me! To Cover The Replacements’ “Androgynous” At Terminal 5

The “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll” made an appearance in New York City over the weekend when she hopped on stage at Terminal 5 during Against Me!‘s set Friday night. Joan Jett and frontwoman Laura Jane Grace covered The Replacements‘ gender bending anthem “Androgynous,” which bears some significance in light of Grace’s announcement exactly one month ago.

Grace, formerly known as Tom Gable, announced she will begin living her life as a woman, citing that she dealt privately with gender dysphoria for years. Jett has kept her sexuality out of the public eye for decades, wanting critics and fans to focus primarily on her music.

“Androgynous” appeared on The Replacements’ 1984 album Let It Be and celebrates changing gender images with its lyrics:

“Now something meets Boy, and something meets Girl.
They both look the same, they’re overjoyed in this world.
Same hair, revolution.
Unisex, evolution.
Tomorrow who’s gonna fuss.”

The song also appears on Joan Jett’s 2006 album Sinner.

E.J. Judge, WCBSFM New York


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  1. RainbowRay says:

    After reading all those comments from the original blog “Living her life as a woman”, all I can say is that there is alot of radical thinking out there. My opinion is that “transgenderism” is a “self-esteem” issue, same as changing one’s appearance; i.e. getting breast implants or having cosmetic surgery done for twenty thousand bucks.

    It maybe a disease, but it’s a matter of how one feels about “his/herself inside” that counts and not how one looks on the outside (RainbowRay ephasizes that to pre-schooler’s with his “Feeling Good About Myself March”). So, he’s transgendered, so what? Kids are involved and yes, it is going to be difficult for them growing up because of society’s views on them; still does it mean they can’t be raised right (so long as there is “love” in the family, am I right?).

    What about Elton John and his partner David; they have a son (their not transgendered, but rather a gay couple raising a son!). They both love each other and can provide that love and support for their son. Yes, a family does need a mother and a father (I agree with that), but that’s their choice and like I said, If their’s love in that family, they can provide it for their son and with knowledge and experience, they can help him cope with what he’s going to have to face when he goes to school (there are ways to handle situations like these two examples; people just have to educate themselves; preferably before having children; makes things alot easier!).

    I know I’ve last 9 years educating myself on child development and other topics relating to the field of parenting so that one day when I have family, I will pre prepared. Pre-preparation helps and so does Tolerance I believe in these two cases!


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