Nearly three years after Michael Jackson’s death, daughter Paris is talking about what it was like growing up with the King of Pop.

On the June 10th episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter, the 14-year-old shared her favorite memories of her father and even talked about what it was like having to wear masks in public. Paris told Oprah that she was really confused about having to cover her face.

“I didn’t get why I was wearing a mask,” she said. “But I understand it now why he would want our face to be covered. So when we went out without him, we wouldn’t be recognized and have a normal childhood.”

Michael wanted to make sure his three kids — Paris, Prince, and Blanket — didn’t grow up in the public eye like he did. His only daughter said their lives weren’t that different from other kids their age. She says her dad was always taking them to Chuck E. Cheese and Toys R Us: “Those were our favorite places to go.”

When he was on the road he made it fun for his kids, bringing a projector with them to every hotel so he could play DVDs using a bed sheet as a makeshift movie screen.

But the young girl says the best times she had with her dad were when it was just the two of them spending quality time together.

“We’d get Snickers and soda and all this junk food,” Paris said. “And we’d bring it all up to the [hotel] room. That was one of my favorite memories.”

Watch more from Oprah’s interview with Paris, who talked about being bullied, her upcoming film debut and Christmas with MJ, here.

Shannon Carlin, CBS Local

  1. RainbowRay says:

    I think it was a “big mistake” covering up his childrens face just avoid publicity so they could have a “normal childhood”. There are ways to get around that and of course as a little kid you’re going to wonder “why do I have a blanket over my face? Maybe there’s something wrong with me that I need this blanket?” Do ya think? I just think there are other ways to get around that if he wanted his kids to avoid all the publicity; that incident along with “dangling his child from a balcaony” (remember that?) only created “negative publicity for him!.

    One of the things I would have done was to let them first plain and simple “be themselves” and to hide them “from the world” under secrecy (it didn’t help them at all). I’m sure he was proud of his kids, but I were him, I would have taken a different approach and would have “encouraged the kids” to “feel good about themselves”, “be proud of who they are” and “who they have as parents” and not to let their “daddy’s fame” effect their “individuality” (at there level of course), so they wouldn’t have to be scared about being children someone famous (it they were at all!). Teach them how to be themselves and to ignore all the “my dadddy’s famous” rhetoric because after all ” kids should be kids” no matter how famous the parent his and maybe that’s one thing that Michael tried to do the best way he knew how, but really couldn’t. That’s my opinion anyway.

    Good for Paris not letting bullying at school effect her; maybe something Michael taught her paid off!


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