Getting in to college can be pretty cutthroat these days. You need good grades, extra curriculars, high ACT or SAT scores, and you still could get put on a waiting list. That is what happened to Lawrence Yong when he applied to the University of Michigan. Instead of just sending a letter, Yong rewrote the Jackson 5 song “I Want You Back” to explain why he should be a Wolverine.

Yong told, that he “only expected it to get maybe 100 or 200 views. Maybe from a couple of my school friends and then some people at church. It was really incredible. I am not entirely sure how it spread so quickly but that’s exactly what happened.”

His video did the trick. Yong commented on his Youtube video saying, “I GOT IN YOU GUYS! Thank you SO much for all of your support, there’s no way this could have happened without you all!” His acceptance beat the odds. Just last year the University of Michigan only accepted 42 of the 14,600 students on the wait list.

Those singing talents aren’t going to waste, either. Yong plans on joing an a cappella group at University of Michigan.

– Steve Wiseman, 104.3 WOMC

  1. RainbowRay says:

    One day I hope to have children as “creative” as he is and he can sing too! Sometimes it takes creativity and ingenuity to get into the school you want to attend or just in general, to get what you want ouf of life (everybody has creataivity, just few people know about it or are interested in tapping into their creativity; they don’t know what it is!).

    In my opinion as for getting into college, its just not the SAT’s that count, but also as RainbowRay says “being resolved and getting invloved”. A well rounded education also includes “extracurricular activities in school as well as in the community”, don’t you think? I BELIEVE in this 100 percent and only wish I had those opportunities growing up–SO IMPORTANT for any individual to becaome “well rounded”” when they become an adult!

    Also, I have in my DVD collections numerous DVD’S about U.S colleges in different parts of the U.S. (ironic, I bought them in Canada). As RainbowrRay says, “Sharing is caring and caring is sharing”

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