By Britt Bickel

In what may be one of the strangest celebrity stories of the month, radio personality and former Partridge Family star Danny Bonaduce is recovering “incredibly well” after a crazy fan nearly took a chunk out of his face.

Danny called in this morning to give the play by play of what exactly happened when he was attacked by a real life ‘zombie’ at one of his shows this past week.

Before the bite, Danny says the fan wasn’t acting out of the ordinary and approached him asking, “I’ve loved you since the ‘Partridge Family’, can I have a kiss?” and that’s when she “went piranha” on him.

“It was one of the most terrifying things that ever happened to me,” Danny says of the scene. “She bit down on my cheek…this chick had like little ‘Chucky,’ razor, piranha teeth that she was just gnawing back and forth with and there was so much blood.”

Danny paints an incredibly disturbing scene of something that’s seems to be happening more and more these days due to extreme reactions from people on the drug ‘bath salts.’

While the fan was biting him, Danny was screaming, “bath salts, bath salts, bath salts!” as people tried to pull the girl away, which only made the pain worse.

But shockingly enough, Danny isn’t going to press charges on the fan. Sounds crazy, we know – could that be one of the ‘Zombie’ side effects already taking place?

But Danny explains, “I thought, ‘hey I’m already bitten, not letting this girl see this show doesn’t make me any less bit.’ Because it happened on an Indian Reservation they don’t need me to press charges, so she might go to jail anyway.”

Listen to Danny’s wild tale of being bitten by a zombie fan in full below!


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