By Britt Bickel

The late forming hurricane Sandy or ‘Frankenstorm’ is wrecking-havoc on the east coast with high winds, rainstorms and ferocious waves off the coast. Many flights from LAX to the east have been canceled due to the weather, and New York City has even shut down their subway and bus systems until the storm passes.

With the hurricane as the top news story this week, an old list we put together last year with the top songs about wind has surged in searches, so we decided to revisit these songs once again as we keep the East Coast in our thoughts during this storm.

“Windy” — The Association

This catchy tune released in 1967 blew all the way to #1 on the Billboard charts!

“She’s Like The Wind” — Patrick Swayze

This power ballad sung by Dirty Dancing star Patrick Swayze and Wendy Fraser was on the soundtrack of the film and reached all the way to #3 on the Billboard charts.

“Candle In The Wind” — Elton John

Originally released in 1973, Elton John rewrote this touching song as a tribute single after Princess Diana’s death.

“Blowin’ In The Wind” — Bob Dylan

Dylan’s 1963 anti-war song raises questions about peace, war and freedom as he sings “the answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.” The song was inducted to the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999 and remains one of the most influential songs ever written.

“Ride Like The Wind” — Christopher Cross

The 1979 debut single from soft-rock Christopher Cross, he rode this song all the way to #2 on the charts.

“Wind Beneath My Wings” — Bette Midler

The best known version of “Wind Beneath My Wings” was sung by Bette Midler in 1989 in the film Beaches and became a #1 record in the U.S.

“Blown Away” — George Harrison

Harrison wrote this song on a rainy day (hence the reference to clouds in the first verse) and released it on his 1979 self-titled album. It reached #2 on the U.S. Adult Contemporary charts and still makes

“Dust In The Wind” — Kansas

One of Kansas’ first acoustic singles, “Dust In The Wind” became their biggest hit peaking at #6 on the charts in 1977.

“Wind Of Change” — Bee Gees

“Against The Wind” — Bob Seger

Comments (11)
  1. Ron Austin says:

    Against the Wind By Bob Seger and the Siver Bullet Band ( 1980 )

  2. says:

    Four Strong Winds
    Winds of The Old Days

  3. Bill says:

    Bohemian Rapsody by Queen. Last line is “Anyway the wind blows…”

  4. Bill Barrett says:

    Alan Jackson’s “Five O’clock Somwhere” is about hurricaines, albeit not the windy kind.

  5. Jean Moreno says:

    BECAUSE by the Beatles: “Aaaaaahhhhhh… Because the world is round it turns me on. Because the world is round…aaaaaahhhhhh. Because the wind is high it blows my mind. Because the wind is high…aaaaaaaahhhh.

  6. Bill Barrett says:

    “Wind Beneath My Wings”

  7. Ruben Macias says:


    On a dark desert highway cool winds through my hair

  8. gregg quinn says:

    Bob Dylan – Blowin in the wind
    Cris Cross – ride like the wind

  9. Straydawg! says:

    And lest we forget the timeless classic….. “Who has seen the wind?” by Yoko Ono =D

  10. oldies76 says:

    Dust in the Wind peaked in 1978, not ’77

  11. Cranfill says:

    Dammit Britt, you forgot the Scorpions- Wind of Change AND Frank Sinatra- Summer Wind.

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