By Britt Bickel

Hurricane Sandy is the main talk not only in the news, but in the online world as well. Social media sites have been overloaded with updates, comments, photos and reactions of the destructive storm, and many of those sharing their thoughts are celebrities themselves.

We’ve rounded up a few of the top celebrity tweets commenting on Hurricane Sandy some giving their thoughts, prayers, or providing a little comic relief in a time of hardship.

From the serious:

Rob Lowe: “Flying home from East Coast and #Sandy. Wish I could bring all in harm’s way with me. #StaySafe”

Kristin Chenoweth: “No Katie Couric show tomorrow because she needs to cover Frankenstorm! Scary stuff!”

Whoopi Goldberg: “This wind and rain caused a building facade to fall off. Many without power, transformers on electric poles are popping, trees down everywhere.”

Melissa Joan Hart: “Moving the family to the basement. Too many giant trees falling.”

Cher: “Been watching hurricane! Its WORSE than I EVER IMAGINED! My friends live down on perry st. hope they r ok? Deaths & damage breaks my heart”

Serena Williams: “Praying for victims of hurricane sandy. Go away Sandy go away.”

To the reflective:

Mario Lopez: “Just wondering. Why do TV stations send weather reporters into such dangerous conditions? We can get the info just as easily from the studio?”

Olivia Wilde: “Were there this many hurricanes before Twitter? #justsayin”

Larry King: “Is #Sandy a boy or a girl?”

To the light-hearted:

Alec Baldwin: “Imagine if it was Halloween. All the candy wrappers and vampire teeth everywhere.”

Jerry Seinfeld: “Mayor Bloomberg going with zip-up neck sweater to fight Sandy. Shows preparedness. Windy: Zip it up. Storm over: back down.”

Jimmy Kimmel: “starting to get windy here in #Brooklyn…I hope our shows don’t fly away”

Bette Midler: “Batten down the hatches!! I’m baking macaroons for the duration. Hope it’s over before Hulaween!!!! Eeeeeeekkkk!!”

And then there’s Lindsay Lohan’s tweet that just confused everyone and caused quite an uproar online…

Lindsay Lohan: “WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (I’m calling it Sally)? Stop projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace.”


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