Scary Movies That Burn Off Calories

Horror movies do a lot more than just make us sweat with fear, they actually burn off calories! That’s right, you can burn off an average of 113 calories (the equivalent to a chocolate bar) just by getting the bejeezus scared out of you!

According to a study conducted by the University of Westminster, researches found that the average horror movie viewer experienced a burst of adrenaline  and increased heart rate while watching scary scenes, which burns up a third more calories.

Dr Richard Mackenzie of the university explained to The Telegraph, “It is this release of fast acting adrenaline, produced during short bursts of intense stress¬† – or in this case, brought on by fear – which is known to lower the appetite, increase the Basal Metabolic Rate and ultimately burn a higher level of calories.”

So what movie burns the most calories? The study recorded the heart rate, oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output of ten different participants and found that Stanley Kubrick’s classic thriller The Shining burned the most at 184 calories with Jaws coming in second at 161.

So if you want to burn off all that extra Halloween candy this year, just watch these scary movies!

Top Ten Calorie-Burning Horror Movies:

1. The Shining: 184 calories

2. Jaws: 161 calories

3. The Exorcist: 158 calories

4. Alien: 152 calories

5. Saw: 133 calories

6. A Nightmare on Elm Street: 118 calories

7. Paranormal Activity: 111 calories

8. The Blair Witch Project: 105 calories

9. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 107 calories

10. [Rec]: 101 calories

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