Father & Son Take Wounded Vets To Every NFL Stadium

Author: Britt Bickel

Just on the heels of Veterans Day, we stumbled across this heartwarming story of a father and son who not only took on the goal of visiting every single NFL stadium within one football season, but decided to do some good by bringing wounded war vets as their special guests.

Craig Steichen and his son, Matt, took on the ambitions challenge of visiting all 32 stadiums in one season with wounded vets, and their touching story has been getting national attention. Even NFL stadiums have caught on to their journey and have given them upgraded seats and brought them back to meet the players.

“I wanted to give back,” Matt told ESPN’s Rick Reilly. “I didn’t want to do it for myself.”

They may have sleepless nights and be eating drive-through dinners, but to them, the cost is worth all the special moments they’re creating with the wounded vets.

Watch the video below to hear more about their story!

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