Today's Tickets @ 2 Song: "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey
By Britt Bickel

Less than ten days until Christmas and that means your schedule is filling up with holiday parties galore, which may include your company’s annual work Christmas party.

Now work parties are a tricky thing because it’s a time for all the employees to let down their hair and socialize out of a work setting, but if you drink a little too much of that special ‘egg nog,’ you might do something embarrassing in front of your co-workers you’ll never live down.

Work parties are also notorious for having run-ins with certain types of people you do not want to get stuck in having a conversation with. So instead of going through the pain of running into the “close-talker” while you’re trying to eat your finger foods, be on the lookout for these eight types of people and avoid them at all costs at your party (via Yahoo Shine)!

“Barry the Bragger” — He asks you how your family is, and after two minutes of you talking, he butts in and traps you in an hour-long brag-sesh about his model wife, perfect kids and so on.

“Carrie the Close Talker” — There’s nothing worse than someone invading your personal space, but she just doesn’t take the hint even pull back or step away — she always moves in closer.

“Betsy Been There, Done That” — The competitive type who always has a story or experience to¬† one-up yours.

“Loosey Lucy” — Maybe after a few too many drinks, she starts to flirt with the boss and make a move on all the single men in the office.

“Fashionably Late Felicia” — The one who always has to make a grand entrance and has an excuse for arriving two hours later every time.

“Leslie of the Long Good-Bye” — The one who knows how to make goodbyes last for an hour.

“Just One More” Jessie” — They aren’t a stranger to the punch bowl and will knock back a few glasses not realizing they’re getting sloppy drunk.

“The Silent Bomber” — This type certainly knows how to clear a room full of people.

Do you know any of these types in your office?


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