Jennifer Aniston To Write Tell All Book On Brad Pitt & John Mayer?

Author: Lisa Stanley

Today in Tabloid Thursday, OK! Magazine claims that Jennifer Aniston has signed a $1 million deal to write a tell-all book on her ex-husband Brad Pitt and former boy toy John Mayer.

We’re used to hearing tabloid rumors on Jennifer (typically about her being pregnant), but even hearing this headline we know that it’s a big fat lie.

The tabloid claims that Jen is in a very stable place and wants her fans to know the truth, especially the part when people though her and Brad broke up because he wanted kids and she didn’t. They also claim that she will also detail just how John Mayer broke her heart.

It would surely be a juicy read, but it’s not going to happen! Hear more on this Tabloid rumor in the clip below!

Jennifer Aniston
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