Mighty John’s Most Valuable Vinyl Records Of The ’80s

Author: Britt Bickel

Expert vinyl record collector Mighty John Marshall of moneymusic.com, joined the K-EARTH 101 Morning Show today to countdown the top 10 most valuable vinyl records of the ’80s!

Better take a second look at your record collection or keep an eye out at yard sales, because you could be sitting on hundreds of dollars and not even know it!

Top 10 most valuable vinyl records of the ’80s:

1981 Elektra LP- The Cars: “Shake It Up” (picture disc) — $150.00

1989 Lookout LP- Green Day: “1,000 Hours” — $200.00

1986 Uzi Suicide EP- Guns N Roses: “Live Like a Suicide” — $250.00

1981 Hibtone 45- R.E.M.: “Radio Free Europe” with picture sleeve — $300.00

1983 EMI America LP- Kate Bush: “Kate Bush” (brown vinyl) — $350.00

1986 BB LP- Beastie Boys: “Licensed To Ill” — $1,000.00

1981 Leather 45- Motley Crue: “Stick To Your Guns” with picture sleeve — $1,000.00

1983 MCA 45- Michael Jackson: “Someone In The Dark” with picture sleeve — $1,500.00

1988 Sub Pop- Nirvana: “Love Buzz”with picture sleeve — $2,500.00

1980 MCA LP- Olivia Newton John/ ELO: “Xanadu” (picture disc) — $5,000.00

Most Valuable Records of the 80s
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