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‘2 Guns’ Producer On How He Recruited Mark Wahlberg & Denzel Washington For His First Film

This morning we welcomed Ross Richie, producer of the upcoming action flick 2 Guns starring Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington, into the studio to talk about how he turned the project from a graphic novel into his first ever produced film.

Ross, who founded Boom! Studios that first published the comic book 2 Guns in 2006,  tells us that the development for the film is really all thanks to its star, Mark Wahlberg.

“Really we can thank Mark…Mark was attached to the project, had sought it out, found it, had the character role he wanted to play that he was excited about, and he helped us recruit Denzel,” said Ross. “So really, he was instrumental in putting all this together.”

When going over the film’s premise with Denzel Washington, Ross tells us that the star had reservations at first that the film was going to stray away from the comic book’s original basis.

“The thing that Denzel was very worried about…was that the movie was different from the comic book,” explained Ross. “That particular day that we were talking, I said ‘actually we just spent two days on the sound stage shooting the sixth page from the comic book…’ It really is the comic book.”

“We don’t have any exploding helicopters in the comic book, and there might be a little more property damage in the movie, but overall it’s the same story,” he added.

As Ross explains it, the film is about “two thieves walk into a bank, and what Mark Wahlberg doesn’t know is that Denzel is undercover DEA. And what Denzel doesn’t know is that Mark is undercover navel intelligence.”

The undercover characters devise a plan to steal $3 million from a bank that’s owned by Mexican drug runner as evidence to bust the other guy. A big twist later plays out to find that the undercover cops actually stole $43 million owned by Bill Paxton’s character, but that’s all Ross could divulge to us without spoiling the film’s plot.

The movie is directed by Baltasar Kormákur, who directed 2012’s Contraband, and features an all-star cast including Edward James Olmos, James Marsden, Paula Patton and more.

The movie opens in theaters this Friday, August 2nd. For more information on how the film came to be, listen to our complete interview with producer Ross Richie in the clip below.

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